From an episode of BreakfastersPresented by Monique Sebire, Daniel Burt and Bobby Macumber


Breakfasters: Bachar Knows Best

Former AFL player Bachar Houli tells Breakfasters he’s happy fishing, spending time with family, and writing books since he left a career in football. The three-time Richmond Premiership player’s new children’s book My Baba is the Best depicts life with his daughters and the give-and-take relationship between parents and children. Houli says that he still loves staying active, and finds it hard to sit still, but that life these days is less stressful without the expectations of being an elite footballer. Houli tells the team about how his Muslim faith is part of his everyday life, how he prepared for leaving AFL, and that when it came time to hang up his Tigers jumper, it was a relief. My Baba is the Best, written by Houli and illustrated by Debby Rahmalia, is out now via Penguin.

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