Analysis Paralysis: Reviewing the Game-Changing Albums of 2018

Returning for their sophomore season, Analysis Paralysis is back to review some of the most significant, culturally relevant and resonating releases of 2018. This week the panel review a mix of albums, including the controversial 15-minute release Whack World by Tierra Whack. Also released as a visual album, the bite-sized pieces beg you think deeply about how we interact with sound and what defines an album. Following up on the issue of technology, MGMT’s latest album Little Dark Age experiments with pop sounds, but also openly critiques our reliance on our phones and the detrimental impact they have on our mental health. Going a little bit deeper, Tirzah’s Devotion is a stripped back, deeply evocative and well-crafted release, which cannot be categorised. Finally, John Sharp Toro by The Native Cats has taken the Australian band to a whole new level, combining intricate lyricism with synth surprises and genuine feeling of strength.

Analysis Paralysis 2018
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