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Episode 1288

Penny Podful

A penny for our thoughts on new spinoff PENNY DREADFUL: CITY OF ANGELS; and we take a supernatural hike through Area X (don't touch anything!) with a look at the novel…


Episode 1287

Proof of Pod

We farewell Honour Blackman and Mort Drucker; take a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed look at the Squirrel Girl action figure, and beef up with Hemsworth's latest on Netflix, EXTRACTION. Grr! With…


Episode 1286

The Pods of Steel

A throwback look at the Asimov sci-fi detective novel THE CAVES OF STEEL, and we kick off our Chris-a-thon with Chris Evan's RED SEA DIVING RESORT. With presenters Rob…


Zero G - Episode 1285

Eject Pod Disconnect

Max Barry chats about his novel Providence, a speculative adventure tale of four people facing their most desperate hour — alone, together, at the edge of the universe. With…


Zero G - Episode 1284

Lost in Space Aboard the Jupoder Two

We set adrift with Netflix's LOST IN SPACE, and delve into the machine, meaning and life itself with tech thriller DEVS. We also look at some…


Zero G - Episode 1283

Podcasts within a Podcast

Megan flies solo and plays some favourite pieces of music from film and TV scores such as PARASITE, THE SHINING, and THE ASSASINATION OF JESSE JAMES (BY THE COWARD…


Zero G - Episode 1282

Animal Podding

Yes, it's feeling pretty otherworldly right now, so Zero G looks at GOOD OMENS, the PICARD finale and wrap-up, and we (ironically) escape to a deserted island with the Nintendo game…


Zero G - Episode 1281

The Pod Never Bothered Me Anyway

We punch through "I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS", a delightful John Hughes x Stephen King hybrid; and get icy with FROZEN II. With presenters Rob Jan…


Zero G - Episode 1280

Podnic in the Year Zero G

Ashley Taylor and Sarahlouise Younger tell us about 'Voldermort And the Teenage Hogwarts Musical Parody' at MICF; and we take a look at the wrapped Doctor Who


Zero G - 9 March 2020 Episode 1279

Title: For All Jankind

Podcast Title: One Small Pod For A Woman

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical Radio with Rob Jan & Megan McKeough. Today on Zero-G, we look through The Invisible Man…

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