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Curation and Creation with Nici Cumpston

Barkandji artist, writer and curator Nici Cumpston joins Indigenuity to discuss the new exhibition Ngaratya, which she has co-curated with six Barkandji artists, as well as the annual Adelaide Aboriginal and Torres…


Raymond Zada’s Ngaratya and the Solar Eclipse

An interview with Barkindji/Paakintji multimedia artist and broadcaster Raymond Zada about his upcoming exhibition Ngaratya, which is a collaboration with six Barkandji artists designed to offer a dynamic portal into Barkandji country…


Dr Vicki Pascoe on Australia's Toxic Medical Culture

Arrernte academic Dr Vicki Pascoe joins Indigenuity to discuss her recent appointment to the Manna Institute as a researcher into mental health support in regional Australia and her book Australia’s Toxic Medical Culture:


Plants: Past, Present and Future

Barkandji woman, writer, curator, consultant and researcher Zena Cumpston returns to the show to discuss Plants: Past, Present and Future, a book co-authored with Lesley Head and Michael-Shawn Fletcher, which celebrates the…



Ngiyampaa singer-songwriter Pirritu joins Indigenuity to discuss his musical process as well as his volunteer work with the Ngiyampaa Language Project, which aims to update and make accessible the grammar first compiled by…


Dr. Cam Raw

Palawa veterinarian and Assistant Dean (Indigenous) of the Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne, Dr. Cam Raw discusses his research on zoonotic parasites in indigenous communities.

With presenter Krystal De Napoli.


Aaron Fa’Aoso and Mary Laughren

Torres Strait Islander actor Aaron Fa’Aoso explains how the 'SWAT for Safety' national education campaign aims to prevent mosquito borne diseases, such as Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV). And linguist Mary Laughren, discusses the…


Dale Wandin from National Indigenous Business Summer Schools (NIBSS)

Wurundjeri man and coordinator for the National Indigenous Business Summer Schools (NIBSS) program Dale Wandin explains the importance of NIBSS in providing Indigenous Year 11 and 12 students with experience in university life…


Brendan Kennedy

Brendan Kennedy, a Tati Tati, Latji Latji, Wadi Wadi, and Mutti Mutti man, who is the Vice Chair of Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (MLDRIN) and a leader in all areas advocating…


The problem with mega-constellations

Host Krystal De Napoli shares her thoughts on the problems associated with the dramatic proliferation of satellites in our skies, resulting in clusters of space junk known as mega-constellations. By altering and obscuring…

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