Trash & The Treasures Single Launch: Fred


6:00 pmSunday, 16 October 2022


Mr. Boogie Man

160 Hoddle St, Abbotsford

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Trash & The Treasures, Forklift Assassins and The Ians come together to help Trash & The Treasures launch their new single 'Fred' - a eulogy to Rik. Just the kind of wild afternoon you would expect when this lot of wild and crazy guys get together!

” – and punks and skins and rastas will all gather round and hold their hands in sorrow for their fallen leader. And all the grown-ups will say, ‘But why are the kids crying?’ And the kids will say, ‘Haven’t you heard? Rick is dead! The People’s Poet is dead!’ And then one particularly sensitive and articulate teenager will say, ‘Other kids, do you understand nothing? How can Rick be dead when we still have his poems?'”


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