Temperance Hall Presents Gabriella Imrichova, Kady Mansour and Michaela Tancheff


Starts 8:30 pm, 12 October 2022Ends 8:30 pm, 15 October 2022

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Temperance Hall becomes a hub for experimental choreography and performance for Melbourne Fringe Festival 2022. Over two weeks of programmed performances, six artists from diverse practices and unique perspectives will push the comfort zone and take us to the Fringe. Curated by Artistic Director Phillip Adams, Temperance Hall's first week of programming features a solo work by Gabriella Imrichova, and a collaboration between Kady Mansour and Michaela Tancheff.

Gabriella Imrichova's 'no destination' is an attempt to parallel a queer desire for the unlocatable/illegible/discarded- via one body, many tools, and objects. Undermined by the driest of humours, the body is collaged, deconstructed, and then thrown to the wayside to die.

Kady Mansour & Michaela Tancheff present 'Two Women Enter the Toilet Cubicle'. Everybody wants to change the world, but nobody wants to change the toilet paper roll.

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199 Napier St South Melbourne 3025