Temperance Hall Presents Arabella Frahn-Starkie and Siobhan McKenna


Starts 7:00 pm, 12 October 2022Ends 8:00 pm, 15 October 2022

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Curated by Temperance Hall’s Artistic Director Phillip Adams, this program features a double-bill of new contemporary dance works by independent choreographers, Arabella Frahn-Starkie and Siobhan McKenna.

Arabella Frahn-Starkie presents 'Ken Burns', a new experimental dance work taking cues from documentary cinema. In this semi-autobiographical piece, Arabella contemplates the unspoken details of her family’s history and considers how she carries her loved ones inside her every action. In keeping with Arabella’s preoccupation with documentation and archiving, her new work takes the act of looking back into a sensorial realm, drawing upon grief as a motivational impulse to look back into memory and wondering what is achieved in doing so.

Choreographer Siobhan McKenna presents ‘Relay’, a new contemporary dance work that continues her interest in the relationships between movement and language. In Relay, Siobhan McKenna and Claire Leske pass movement back and forth between each other as if engaged in a dynamic conversation. The work guides the audience’s gaze to flick between the two performers as they investigate relationships of agreement, debate and exchange whilst attending to the rules and rhythms of their interaction.

Want more new independent dance? See two double bills in one night for only $30! At 8:30pm, Double Bill #2 includes Gabriella Imrichova's ’no destination’ and Kady Mansour & Michaela Tancheff's ‘Two Women Enter the Toilet Cubicle’.

Just add full price tickets to both Temperance Hall double bill events to receive the discount.

199 Napier St South Melbourne 3025