'Screen / Time' exhibition by Savina Hopkins


Starts 7:00 pm, 26 March 2022Ends12:00 pm, 22 September 2022

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'Screen / Time' by Savina Hopkins is being exhibited as part of the City of Yarra's Light Box programme at Carlton Library. Hopkins’ photographs capture the interiors of cemetery votive boxes taken through their scratched plexiglass screens. The screens, installed to protect and provide access to the contents of the votive boxes, function as a transitional space between the living and the dead, the visible and the indistinct.

This outdoor exhibition is free and Covid-safe.

Venue: Carlton Library, 667 Rathdowne St, Carlton North, Vic

(The public art light boxes are located on the exterior wall of the library on Newry St, near the corner of Rathdowne St. As such they can be viewed anytime, but they are best viewed when it's dark and the illumination hits its peak.)