Quarter Street at The Count's


8:00 pm-10:00 pmThursday, 12 March 2020


The Ian Potter Centre for Performing Arts

48 Exhibition Walk,
Clayton 3800

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Quarter Street takes you back to the heart of classic salsa. Inspired by the raw sounds of New York in the 1970s, Quarter Street revisit an era where the music of the streets resonated with the voice of the people.

Formed in early 2011, Quarter Street combines the fresh energy and the skills of well-known, established musicians. A dynamic live band with a driving rhythm section and heavy horn section, this vibrant group of talented musicians are quickly making a splash in the Australian music scene.

Sergio Botero’s voice is pure street salsero, a worthy inheritor of the tradition defined by Hector Lavoe and Rubén Blades. Conguero Luis Poblete and brothers Cesar and Cristian Saavedra on baby bass and timbales round out the core group of Quarter Street. Like many Latino American migrants to Australia, their parents fled the various coups and revolutions of the 70s and 80s, raising their children to the sounds of the Spanish language superstars of the era. Cuban brass virtuoso Lazaro Numa, recently arrived in Melbourne, adds a taste of Havana to the underlying mix of classic Puerto Rico and New York styles. The boys grew up salsa, and now they’ve brought together an impressive unit of Melbourne’s finest Latin and jazz musicians together to light up turntables and dancefloors worldwide.

Featuring Luis Poblete (vocals, congas), Cristian Saavedra (timbale), Sergio Botero (vocals), Leo Salvo (vocals, bongo), Andrew James (piano), Cesar ‘Fito’ Saavedra (bass), Ben Gillespie (trombone), Jimmy Bowman (trombone) and Lazaro Numa (trumpet, trombone).

At The Count's, within The Ian Potter Centre of Performing Arts.

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