Operation Ibis, Shadow League, Udder Ubductees + MSWIM


7:00 pmSaturday, 29 April 2023



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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Operation Ibis are launching their record 'Avian Overlords.' Hailing from the dumpsters of Sydney’s Inner West, Operation Ibis have built a reputation for a high energy, frenzied and fun performance that get all folk on the dance floor.

With "DIY till we die" ethos they revel in playing live, especially the unconventional show..be it down an alleyway, in a dive bar or punks picnic. Honk Honk.

Joining them on the night -

Shadow League - Melbourne indie punk rockin' two piece, pulling influences from the likes of Chuck Ragan Matt Skiba. They take no prisoners with their powerhouse sounds.

Udder Ubductees - ULTRA-PASTEURISED PARTY-PUNK outfit.

It's a night like any other, all is quiet across the farm. Suddenly, the earth starts to shake. You notice an eerie green glow from the Barn...

Out of the glow lurches Udder Ubductees! They stumble across the lawn towards you, bovine puns pouring from their mouths thick and fast like the fires of hell itself. You can't run, you try to scream but nothing comes out...it's your very worst cheese dreams come to life....with matching hats!

My Safe Word Is Murder - is a four piece female fronted punk rock group from inner city Melbourne. Combining distorted guitars and heavy bass and drums with the angelic and at some times demonic vocal tones of lead singer Grace Cecilia to create an electric live experience.

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