ButohOUT! 2021 New Ab/Normal


Starts 7:30 pm, 2 February 2021Ends 8:30 pm, 23 May 2021


Abbotsford Convent

1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford

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Australia’s first and only festival dedicated to the Japanese performance art form, Butoh, is back, offering three action-packed months of workshops for all ages and stages, as well as two performance seasons.

ButohOUT! 2021 New Ab/Normal invites audiences to celebrate the surreal, the absurd and the diverse in a contemporary Australian, post-pandemic time.

Embracing Butoh’s inclusive ethos, New Ab/Normal amplifies diverse voices in contemporary dance/theatre with the experienced creative team leading performers of all levels and abilities.

The festival involves a series of workshops exploring what makes you ‘move’ physically, mentally and spiritually. Participants from these workshops will take part in the final performance of the festival, Odd Hours, at Abbotsford Convent from May 20-23.

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