Lyn Pool: NEST


Starts 6:00 pm, 8 September 2022Ends 4:00 pm, 9 October 2022

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Linden New Art is thrilled to present Nest, an exhibition of new work by St. Kilda-based artist Lyn Pool. Presenting a series of collages combining photographs of nests with found strips of text, Nest sees Pool craftily harness the figure of the nest as a means of addressing the ongoing ecological crisis. Nest opens Thursday 8 September, and will run until Sunday 9 October in the Linden Projects Space.

As a symbol, the nest harbours dual associations. Nests are delicate, carrying with it the threat of instability. At the same time however, nests are hopeful, promising fertility and regeneration. For Pool, it is this complexity that makxes the nest an ideal emblem for connecting present concerns with an optimistic future. Against photographs of animals, flora, domestic scenes and human-made constructions, Pool assembles nests carefully woven from ribbons of shredded paper from books, magazines, atlases, dictionaries and articles related to issues facing the Australian environment.

Exhibition dates: 8 September - 9 October


Linden Projects Space

Bunurong, Boon Wurrung Country

26 Acland Street, St Kilda 3182