Fringe Festival and Sickest House - Burning Seed Fundraiser


Starts 9:00 pm, 3 September 2022Ends 3:00 am, 4 September 2022

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Fringe Common Rooms, Carlton - Sat Sep 3!

Hype is high for this years Burning Seed after a long 3 year wait and we've been getting ready ever since!

Our dreams for a Theme Camp have been large, and have grown larger and larger as the contrivers of this arena have brought their concepts to the table.

The only thing is, is our dreams don't come cheap. So we'd love to showcase a taste of what's to come for the Burning Seed attendees and the General Public who missed out on the SOLD OUT Festival with a night of Artistic Installations and a mix of highly talented DJ's & performers in an unusual venue to keep your interests high!


With a stroke of luck, Fringe Common Rooms, located in Trades Hall, Carlton, reached out to us in regards to wanting us hosting a unique event in their space September 3rd, and we thought this was a great opportunity to make it something special with the love of the Burn Community that creates such a welcoming vibe.

We'll be suggesting $15 pre sale donations so that we may be able to take some weight off the team and afford our gift to the Paddock. But as we're aware asking for donations in such a harsh time we've all been through is unappealing, please don't hesitate to reach out if you're needing a place to socialise with some amazing human beings.

We're here to support and love each other as numero uno prioridad.

Installations by:

9pm - Rakish - Downtempo (75-110)

10pm - Rem Siman - Progressive Techno - (120-125)

11pm - Whiskey Drop - Peak Time (125-130)

12am - Skovil - High Driving Techno (130-135)

1am - Hades - Dark Primal (135+)

2am - Akaicia - Drum & Bass (174)

Secret Chamber

10pm - Leo K - Minimal

11:30pm - Pods1 - Dark DnB

1am - Liquid Klutch - Liquid Techno



Christopher Zerafa

Feijra Visminiv

+ More to come.

Tickets only $20 at the door!

If you have any questions or have an art piece or performance you think you may want to gift to this event, also please speak out! We have a lot to play with in this spectacular venue and we would love to express as much art as we can handle.

Event Photo by William Krause

⚠ Warning: Contains strobe lights and sustained bright lights, haze effects, moderate coarse language, both sudden and sustained loud noises, some infrequent/low pressure audience interaction, potentially triggering content or themes, including Drug References, Sexual References, Death, Mental Health