12:00 pmSunday, 24 February 2019


Open Studio

204 High Street, Northcote 3070

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APPALACHIAN STRINGBAND is well known for it’s tight, driving arrangements of tunes and songs from the southern Appalachian USA mountains. From sensitive and driving fiddle tunes, dance tunes with curly toes, to cheeky songs and disarmingly touching ballads, Appalachian Stringband delight audiences young and young-at-heart. TOM AND JERRY are returning to Open Studio ... expect some rippin' tunes and sing-songs for y'all to get excited about while you drink to their good health and eat your Open Studio crepes!

Fritz music is rootsy, swingy, jazzy, rocky, rowdy, mellow, groovy, harmonious and never dumbed down. At our gigs the dance floor is usually packed with kids and adults, grandparents swing dancing and babies jiggling. Kids of all ages have a ball and adults can relax, and enjoy the four part harmonies, original tunes and great songs from a range of musical places

Wilde - The afternoon will be young, the sun not even starting to go down yet, and Wilde will be playing a whole set of soulful, groovy songs for you to dance to. Described as sounding like Joni Mitchell doing the samba, Wilde is a full flavour, maximum energy experience exploring the sounds and feelings of being a human living in the 21st century.

Reflejos bring in a collective of Melbourne’s finest musicians, led by singer and composer, Bonnie Smith, Chilean percussionist Luis Escudero and mischievous My-fly-is-undone-again flautist Michael O’Connor. Joining Bonnie, Luis and Mikey are a varying ensemble of some incredible musicians and together, this inventive seven piece ensemble create the atmosphere of being in Turkey one moment, and South America the next, carrying the audience along with them, leaving them moved and inspired.

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