Thursday August 27

9 July 2019

REMOTE CONTROL RECORDS A prize pack featuring a tote, an assorted bundle of vinyl, badges, stickers, CDs and posters, plus a double pass to a Dot Dash show in 2021 of your choice. remotecontrolrecords.com.au

Winner: Richard Hanlon

DOMINO RECORDING CO A CD and vinyl prize pack, including new releases from Real Estate, Sorry, Wilma Archer, Buscabulla, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Porches and more. dominomusic.com/uk

Winner: Jason Williams

BOTANICAL BREW A mixed pack of Botanical Brew wild ferments and pickles, including our naturally alcoholic Jun made from Australian honey and organic green tea, cocktail/mocktail shrubs and krauts – all proudly made in Geelong. botanicalbrew.com.au

Winner: Josie Lennie

MEEUM A $150 voucher for any of Meeum's books, videos or workshops on digital marketing, SEO and website coding. Perfect for creatives, makers, entrepreneurs and business owners to skill up in all things digital. meeum.com

Winner: Catherine Strachan

GRAVITY FLOAT A voucher for a unique floatation experience at Gravity Float in Northcote. Experience weightlessness and complete relaxation. gravityfloat.com.au

Winner: Grant Jennings

MUSHROOM GROUP A CD pack of new releases from Mushroom Labels, including Archie Roach, The Teskey Brothers, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and Gordi. mushroom.com

Winner: Gilbert Richardson

MR VELVET EARS WINE COMPANY A six-pack of extremely drinkable 2018 Mornington pinot noir wine, made with a tonne of love and laughter from Mr Velvet Ears Wine Company. mrvelvetears.com.au

Winner: Washed Up Wizards

THE NIGHT CAT Learn salsa and bachata at The Night Cat with four double passes to our dance classes with a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine! thenightcat.com.au

Winner #1: Forklift Assassins

Winner #2: Mike Thwaites

Winner #3: David Alexander

Winner #4: Jo Stavros

ANTI FADE LPs from Parsnip, Civic and Bananagun, a 7" from R.M.F.C – plus an Anti Fade t-shirt and tote bag! antifaderecords.bandcamp.com

Winner: Declan Sands

RICE IS NICE RECORDS A selection of Rice Is Nice Records from over the years, including Sarah Mary Chadwick, Summer Flake, Laurels, Lowtide vinyl, plus a SPOD puzzle and RIN t-shirt! Oh, and a few sweet-arse CDS. riceisnice.net

Winner: Tennyson Tinning

MISTLETONE RECORDS A CD and vinyl pack from Mistletone Records. mistletone.net

Winner: Clancy Wall

DUMBO FEATHER A collection of Dumbo Feather magazines to make you think and feel, including one Empowered Women's Bundle and one Nature Lover's Bundle. dumbofeather.com

Winner: Isabelle Beale

YEP ROC A CD prize pack from Yep Roc Records, including Steep Canyon Rangers, Mapache, The Felice Brothers, Josh Rouse, Dawn Landes, Jack Klatt, Kim Richey, Chuck Prophet, Jim Lauderdale and Chatham County Line. yeproc.com

Winner: Paul Thompson

SCRIBE PUBLICATIONS A selection of serious non-fiction including, The Trials of Portnoy by Patrick Mullins, The Bird Way by Jennifer Ackerman, Fathoms by Rebecca Giggs, The Woman Who Cracked The Anxiety Code by Judith Hoare, and Strange Situation by Bethany Saltman. scribepublications.com.au

Winner: Alice Golds