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What's the Frequency?

102.7 on the FM dial and 3RRR on digital radio.

What's the point?

Triple R's official mission is: to educate, inform and entertain by drawing upon appropriate community resources, and to develop a critical approach to contemporary culture. Explore the rest of this site to see just how we do it.

Do you have a Program list?


How do I get involved in RRR?

There are many ways you can participate in the Triple R family, a good step would be to subscribe (but you don't have to). Volunteer opportunities range from helping answer the many phone calls during Radiothon, to uploading audio archives, to hosting your own show. Which leads us to the next question...

How do I become a RRR presenter?

If you're interested in becoming a broadcast volunteer the best place to start is through our radio training course.

If you have previous experience and want to submit a program proposal, make sure you check out the program guide to familarise yourself with the kinds of shows that are already on air. You can then fill in a proposal form and discuss your idea with our Program Manager.

Can I stream RRR?

Absolutely, at the right hand top of the page there is a red box with the text 'listen live'. If you click on this box it will open a window that streams the current show on air.

Do you have archives of previous broadcasts?

As a matter of fact we do. If you are a subscriber you can access our vast archive of live-to-air gigs, interviews with fabulous people, and music specials. You can also request that a particular program be uploaded to the archive section of our site. If you're not a subscriber you can get a taste of what you're missing out on at our archives page.

Can I get a CD recording of a particular program?

Guests and associated peeps can get copies of their interviews by filling out a program request form and paying a small fee. Email 3rrr@rrr.org.au or please see question directly above for an exciting alternative.

What was that awesome song you just played?

There are a few different ways to find out about the song you just heard:
a) wait for the back announce when all will be revealed
b) make a note of the program, date and time of day and check the programs playlist to find the track you heard
c) email the presenter of the program - you can find their email on their program page - we're sure they'll be stoked you were stoked with the music they played on-air. If you can't find a direct address email 3rrr@rrr.org.au.

What about podcasting?

All of our Talks based programs are available as podcasts here. Due to current licensing laws unfortunately our Music programs cannot be podcast.

How do I get my music broadcast on RRR?

Glad you asked, please read our how to submit music page for the answer.

How can I get interviewed on RRR?

Please fill out our interview request form. For musician and band interviews you can also email the Music Coordinator direct, and for all other interview requests (artists, writers, social issues etc) you can email our Talks Producers at talks@rrr.org.au.

Is RRR playlisted?

No way. Unlike commercial and government radio stations Triple R is not playlisted. This means our presenters are free to choose whatever they wish to play on their particular show. This is part of the Triple R ethos which creates a diverse and exciting radio listening experience! Check our program guide or presenter list for more details.

Does RRR have a gig guide and if so can I plug my gig?

Yes we do and yes you can. Our on-air gig guide is produced weekly on Tuesday arvo. It's broadcast Wednesday - Friday at 7pm and Saturday and Sunday at 6pm. You must have all of your gig details delivered by 5pm on the Tuesday before to get it broadcast. If you are a subscriber you may post details of your gig yourself on our online gig guide.

What's the album of the week?

Please check the album of the week page.

Is RRR non-commercial?

Triple R is a totally independent, non-profit, non-commercial radioland oasis. It does of course cost a fair amount of cash to keep stellar sounds on the air 24 hours a day. Our operating budget comes from our subscribers and from paid on air sponsorship announcements from like minded festivals, venues, events and such. We only run sponsorship announcements for events and organisations that we deem our discerning listeners will want to know about. We also run free community announcements on air as part of our commitment to supporting under-represented community organisations and events.

How do I get sponsorship spots on RRR?

To get info on our campaigns, rates and the like please go to our sponsorship and promotions page.

How do I get a community service announcement on RRR?

Visit our community service announcements page for details regarding this matter.

Does RRR get any money from the government?

We are proud to say 'no', we don't receive any money from the government, we are an independent operation fuelled by our beloved subscribers or 'subs' as they are known around the station and our equally beloved volunteers (sometimes known as Vols.) Please read our station profile for more details on how Triple R operates.

How does my business become a subscriber discounter?

Firstly, just to clarify, a subscriber discounter is a business that offers Triple R subscribers discounts and special offers. To become one, and be listed on our website and the tri-annual Trip magazine please fill in the subscriber discounter request form.

How long has RRR been broadcasting for?

Triple R began broadcasting in 1976, please refer to our station history for a run down of the story so far!

Can I have a tour of the station?

Actually you can, but only if you promise to subscribe at the end of the tour. Please contact the station to arrange details.

Are there any jobs available at RRR at the moment?

Generally jobs at Triple R are advertised on our website and other online platforms.

Can I do work experience at RRR?

Sure can if you are keen, please email the station to register your interest and we'll get back to you.

Does RRR put on gigs or parties?

We sure do! All in the splendid surroundings of the Triple R Performance Space. Shows will be advertised on-air and on this website. Go to our audio archives for some killer shows of yesteryear put on by Triple R, including some infamous rooftop gigs.

How many shows are there on RRR?

At last count there were 62 wildly diverse programs on-air - not including the wildly diverse graveyard shifts on every night - check our program page if want to count them yourself.

How many presenters are there on-air?

Right at this minute, probably just one or two , but overall Triple R has over 200 volunteer presenters who do it for the love.

How do I contact a presenter?

Firstly here is the contact page of the site. Have a look at the program guide to find the presenter you're after, or go to the presenter list which has the broadcasters listed alphabetically and a link to their particular program. Most program pages have an email contact. Alternatively you could call the station, or even write an old fashion letter addressed to the presenter care of the station. If you're after an interview then the best route is to email either music.interviews@rrr.org.au if you're a band or musician, or talks@rrr.org.au if you're some other life form.

What was the first song RRR played on air?

We're not sure anyone actually knows! The first broadcast of RMT in November of 1976 opened with an address from the vice chancellor of RMIT followed by 25 minutes of literature reviews, sometime that day some music was played, but the tunes haven't been passed down into folklore (and no, you won't find that particular info on the playlists).

What do the three R's stand for/represent?

When the station was granted a permanent E for educational license in 1978 we were able to choose our own call sign. 3RRR was chosen to represent the good old three Rs with the twist that, wait for it... R is for ROCK.

I am having problems streaming RRR, can you help?

You can email sysadmin@rrr.org.au once you've tried all those self sufficient things like googling, reading the streaming help page and reading the FAQ!

I listen to RRR all the time but I have never subscribed. Am I a bad person?

Well, if you love listening to Triple R then we love ya back no questions asked. The hard sell is not our style and we totally understand that not everyone can afford the luxuries in life. (Although the music fanatics and mainstream media critics among us will agree that Triple R ain't no luxury.)

The only time we actively urge listeners to subscribe is during our annual radiothon in August and we run the April Amnesty (um...in April) where subscribers dob in their freeloading mates. If you love listening to Triple R and agree with all that we stand for, keep in mind that there would be TOTAL SILENCE at 102.7FM without our subscribers. Where would you go? What would you do? Enough said.


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