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Whats going on - News - The future of free to air broadcasting is digital but for community radio stations that future is now at risk

The future of free-to-air broadcasting is digital – but for community radio stations, that future is now at risk.

Community digital radio services are at risk unless the government commits to full funding for services in the upcoming May 2013 budget.

$3.6 million/year is required to maintain the current community digital radio servicesin Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. The Federal Government has only committed $2.2m/year to community digital radio for four years (2012-16), leaving a $1.4 million/year shortfall that we’re asking to be reinstated. That’s only $1.4 million of a $376 billion federal budget to ensure community digital radio services in capital cities!

If community digital stations get switched-off now, where does that leave community radio when AM & FM signals are inevitably switched-off too?

Federal Government funding for community digital radio supports only the transmission and connectivity costs for digital radio services managed through the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s Digital Radio Project on behalf of the current 37 stations. Stations have invested their own resources in developing facilities and content for digital radio services on top of running our regular services that receive no ongoing Government funding.

We’re calling on everyone who cares about community radio to support the campaign for full government funding for digital services by going to committocommunityradio.org.au and taking action.

You can help in the following ways:

  • Go to committocommunityradio.org.au
  • Sign up to the campaign at the top of the page.
  • Click the “take action” link to send an email to Senator Conroy outlining your concerns. There is a template there for you to use.
  • “Like” the commit to community radio Facebook page and share the website via social media sites.
  • Call and email your friends, and get them on board – for once we’re not asking for your money, just your commitment
  • Write to your local MPs

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