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Whats going on - News - Summer programming

Summer Programming 2016-2017


With a host of presenters and shows taking a break, take a look at some new voices and shows that will be on air over summer.

Summer Breakfasters – Various hosts
Monday-Friday 6-9am (filling in for Breakfasters)

Chris Gill and Vanessa Toholka – Dec 19-23
Lou Irving and Pauly P – Dec 26-30
Edith Vignal & Ben ‘Bushy’ Bush - Jan 2-6
Kate Kingsmill & Damian Lawlor - Jan 9-13
Sam Cummins & Tess Lawley - Jan 16-20
Dan Keely & Bron Burton - Jan 23-27

Graphic Nature – Zoran Ilievski and guests
Monday 7-8pm (filling in for Plato’s Cave)
19/12/2016 – 30/1/2017

A weekly exploration of the inspiring world of comic books, the culture that supports it, the creators, publishers & people behind the printed pages & digital screens pushing the medium on into the future, in Australia and the world.

Inherent Advice – Marian Blythe and Lee Zachariah
Tuesday 7-8pm (filling in for Greening The Apocalypse)
20/12/16 – 10/1/2017

Do you need an Agony Aunt or Agony Uncle or Agony Distant Relative? We've got you covered. Each week on Inherent Advice Marian Blythe and Lee Zachariah (with special guests) look at how relationships are represented in pop-culture, sort the reality from the fantasy, and give you questionable advice on your own relationships based on what they've found.

Preening The Apocalypse  – Roger Grierson with Winston and Rosie
Tuesday 7-8pm (filling in for Greening The Apocalypse)
17/01/2017 - 7/02/2017

Thought Criminal Roger Grierson looks at the state of the world and the future in four informative and entertaining programs. Join Roger and robots (yes robots), Winston and Rosie, as they present their collective thoughts on the not so human race. Can four one hour shows save the planet? Can one man and two robots harness the best ideas from experts and futurists to ensure survival of us all? Tune in, turn on, and find out. 

Summerfluity – Lisa Palermo
Tuesday 8-10pm (Filling in for Superfluity)
20/12/2016 – 31/01/2017

Summerfluity: The Singer & the DJ.  Lisa Palermo goes head-to-head on the decks with some of Melbourne's best known singers with the finest music tastes.

Voodoo Buffet – Dr Popalotacorn
Wednesday 2-4pm (filling in for New & Groovy)
21/12/2016- 11/1/2016

Doctor Popalotacorn braves ridicule and malpractice lawsuits to construct two hour musical monstrosities from loosely linked themes, ranging from voodoo, violence and vegetables to delinquency, deserts and death. Expect 60's R&B, exotica, frenzied female punk, Peruvian surf, African disco, Middle Eastern psych-rock and more!

White Noise – Namila Benson and guests
Wednesday  7-8pm (filling in for Byte Into IT)
7/12/16 – 8/2/17

Join Namila and guests as they share unique insights and experiences of navigating race, culture and identity politics in Australia. They’ll cut through the white noise to deliver frontline conversations and powerful insights – topped off by a big ol’ fat dose of political music.

Tabula Rasa Psych Out – Dominic Moore

Let your Friday melt into Saturday with new and old psychedelic, kraut and garage jams. Think 90 second garage bangers, elongated freak outs and good ol' fashioned filfy rock n roll.  Get up, get down and psych out with Dom every Saturday morning in January.

Dark Side Of The Tune – Fiona Scott-Norman
Sunday 9-10am (filling in for Radio Marinara)
8/1/2017 – 29/1/2017

Join Fiona Scott Norman this summer for musical reflections and ruminations on Dark Side of the Tune. Each week a special guest shares their musical beloved and loathed, in a tromp through the human psyche.

Fully Sick – Jenny O’Keefe
Sunday 10-11am (filling in for Radiotherapy)
8/1/2017 – 29/1/2017

Fully Sick is a program that shares the individual experiences of creative people living with chronic illness or disability.

Rabble – Emma Buckley-Lennox
Sunday 11am-12pm (filling in for Einstein A Go-Go)
8/1/2017 – 29/1/2017

A show about activism, progressive politics, revolutionary causes and grassroots campaigning. Each show will feature a different organiser or campaigner speaking about their experiences, history and the story behind their cause. We’ll also look back on iconic protests from Australia's past. Beat the bigots. Join the Rabble.

It Gets Better– Toby Halligan
Sunday 12-1pm (filling in for Eat It)
8/1/2017 – 29/01/2017

Well 2016 was a steaming pile of... well, you know. But is everything really so bad? Toby Halligan and guests unpack the news and the big issues impacting on the world and try to find the bright side. 

Mr Rabbit and The Bearded Lady – Mr Rabbit and The Bearded Lady
Sunday 1-2pm (filling in for Sunday Lunch)
8/1/2017 – 29/1/2017

Mr Rabbit and The Bearded Lady meet over drinks to discuss film, television, theatre and anything else that catches their cultural fancy.

Ebb Tide - Dan Warner
Sunday 2-4pm (filling in for JVG Radio Method)
1/1/2017 – 29/1/2017                                                                        

Dan Warner returns to the big chair this January for his breezy summer-fill show. It will be much the same as last year, lots of music built around the central interview segment, ‘I Don’t Know Enough About You’. Last season, the IDKEAY segment featured a land-speed record holder, a theatre director, a Canberra insider and the president of the Chelsea football fans of Australia. Expect more characters from behind the scenes… And plenty of music.

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