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Whats going on - News - Film buffs forecast announcement

Film Buffs Forecast announcement


Triple R has decided to open up our Saturday afternoon programming to focus entirely on music. Therefore, the station has asked Paul Harris to move Film Buff’s Forecast to Sunday's, 1-2pm. 

Moving Film Buff's Forecast to this time slot would mean restructuring the format of Paul's program to one hour and would bring the program in line with the rest of our specialist talks programming on a Sunday.

Regrettably, Paul has announced that he will finish up Film Buffs Forecast​ on March 25th as he believes the change in format would be inconsistent with the spirit of the show and would rather bring down the curtain than move to Sunday. 

Paul's enthusiasm​, dedication, hard work and ​enormous film knowledge will be​ greatly​ missed and Triple R would like to thank Paul for his massive contribution to the station over the last 30+ years. 
Triple R realises that change can be hard, but the station needs to continue to evolve and to create opportunities for new presenters and new ideas on the grid. 

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