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Whats going on - News - Film buff s forecast update

Film Buff's Forecast update


Over the past couple of months Triple R has been in formal mediation with Paul Harris regarding the future of Film Buff’s Forecast. Mediation has now concluded and I'm disappointed to confirm that a compromise solution has not been able to be reached. Paul has a pre-planned trip for six weeks from this week, and therefore he presented the final Film Buff’s Forecast on Saturday 17th June.

It was never part of the plan to ‘axe’ Film Buff’s Forecast. I and the Program Advisory Group (PAG) wanted to move it to a one hour program because we believed it could be re-invigorated by the change, at no loss to its integrity, and we wanted to create further listening opportunities for a new audience among our mix of established Saturday shows. In keeping with the station's ongoing commitment to improve access, equity and diversity, this shift would also create an opportunity to add a new program to Triple R’s airwaves. The move was also proposed following a significant period of feedback on the structure and content of the show in its current two hour format. 

The station entered into mediation with Paul, with an accredited independent mediator, because we didn’t want to lose Film Buff’s Forecast altogether and we felt we needed another opportunity for both parties to truly hear each other. In this sense, mediation was worthwhile - we discussed many broadcast outcomes for the show, including staying in its existing time slot until a one hour time slot on any other day of the week became available, plus extra content online. Ultimately, however, mediation failed. We were unable to reach a compromise and Paul Harris has decided to wind up the show in preference to the options discussed. 

Triple R acknowledges that there is support for Film Buff’s Forecast to continue in its current format and time slot from some of our listeners, subscribers, and members of the film industry. However, we are constantly balancing the need to retain long-term programs while also creating opportunities for new broadcasters from diverse sections of the Melbourne community.  

The station makes programming decisions independently, as it always has. Decisions are never made lightly, but carefully thought through, with an editorial board, in the Programming Advisory Group. Programming decisions are not subject to pressures of finance, industry lobbying, or broadcaster demand, but by what we think is best for the long term interests of the station. 

Triple R remains deeply committed to covering film content right across its weekly grid. That said, losing Film Buff’s Forecast leaves a gap in our approach to film coverage. Film specific programming remains part of Triple R’s programming vision and ensuring that further film content is covered on the station in a critical, entertaining and informative manner is an ongoing priority for the station.There will always be a home for this on Triple R. 

We’d sincerely like to thank Paul Harris for 36 years of dedicated service to Triple R, our listeners and Melbourne’s film lovers and we wish him all the best. 

Further announcements about the Saturday and Sunday programming schedule will be made at a later date. In the interim, both the Film Buff's Forecast and Sunday Lunch time slots will be filled temporarily.

Bec Hornsby
Programming & Content Manager 
Chair of Programming Advisory Group

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