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Whats going on - News - Daniel webb from the human rights law centre talks with the breakfasters about the manus island riots

Daniel Webb, from the Human Rights Law Centre, talks with the Breakfasters about the Manus Island riots.


In his position as Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, Daniel Webb appeared at the Senate Inquiry into the February Manus Island riot where a 23-year-old asylum seeker, Reza Berati, died. Daniel, in making his presentation to the inquiry, which also left 70 asylum seekers injured, chats about the submissions that were made by the HRLC and the underlying government policy regarding the detention centre.

With Manus Island Detention Centre being in operation for nearly 20 months and no asylum seekers cases decided or resettled, Daniel discusses the effects of leaving individuals languishing in an offshore centre. While the UN has repeatedly warned that the operation of the centre is harmful, the Australian government response has continually lacked transparency and forgoes key obligations under international law. Daniel provides an insight into the outcomes that may arise from the Senate Inquiry and the impact of the Cornall Report which provided first-hand accounts of the conditions on Manus Island. 

Listen here.

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