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Sponsorship and promotions - Contacts

For more information contact Triple R’s Sponsorship & Promotions staff on 03 9388 1027

Nik Tripp
Music Festivals, Record Companies, Music Promoters and 3RRR Music Presents Enquiries.

Adam Christou
Venues, Cafes & Restaurants; 3RRR Subscriber Film Previews; April Amnesty and Radiothon Subscriber Prizes and Promotion; and Subscriber Discounters.

Lisa Kovacevic
Arts & Culture, Theatre, Film Festivals, Arts & Cultural Partnerships for Local Council and Government.

Levi Heeringa
Unsigned & Unrepresented Bands & Artists; General Business; Education; Local, State & Federal Government and Community Organisations; and Community Service Announcements.

Please Note: all community service announcement enquiries are sent to csa@rrr.org.au

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