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Triple R has a number of shows and segments also available via podcast. That number continues to grow and includes some shows that are not heard on the station and can only be found as podcasts. However, due to copyright licensing requirements, at this stage we can't make any music shows available via podcast.

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All the Breakfasters highlights that you need to start the day. At any time of the day!

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Byte Into It

Computer news, product reviews and clues for roaming that information superhighway (or gravel track).

...The Byte Into IT crew is a motley bunch of volunteers who share a love for technology and radio. Each week regular co-hosts and special guests discuss the week's tech news, events and general nerdery.

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Dirty Deeds

Talking all matters horticultural in unique Triple R style and giving green-fingered advice.

...with Digga, Olive & Laurel

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Eat It!

Food for thought: recipes, hints and tips, interviews and a market report. Presented by Cameron Smith and guests.

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Einstein A Go Go

Weird and wonderful science! Discussion and dissection of science ideas made digestible for public consumption.

..with Dr Shane & colleagues

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Film Buff's Forecast

The cutting edge of contemporary and historical cinema/film, TV, video, DVD, reviews, film events, local and overseas guests.

...with Paul Harris & team.

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Lime Champions

Stylish comedy for men and women looking to add some confusion to their lives. It features, in numerical order: Josh Earl, Damien Lawlor, Kate Boston Smith and Kirsten Law.

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Interviews with people who tell stories, write stories or otherwise contribute to the narrative arts. With a focus on how stories are told, and why. Novels and narrative non-fiction. Performance and poetry. TV and stage production. Mythology and internet memes.

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Off The Record

Occasional interviews from Brian Wise's award winning Saturday morning music program.

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Plato's Cave

Plato’s Cave is film criticism podcast presented by film critics Thomas Caldwell, Cerise Howard and Josh Nelson. Each week the team record a half hour show where they take a critical eye to recent cinema and DVD releases, followed up by a debate on an issue relating to film and film criticism. Informed, passionate, accessible and fun; Plato’s Cave is a must for all serious and not-so-serious cinephiles.

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Radio Marinara

Radio Marinara is about our marine and coastal world. Starting in late 1996, Radio Marinara has long had a tradition of bringing you a quirky but informative look at all that is marine and coastal.

...with Anthony Boxshall, Bron Burton & team RM.

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Explores the lighter, more eccentric side of medicine. A team of irreverent doctors lampoon sacred medical cows, and shed light on a range of medical and psychiatric conditions.

...with Dr's Mal Practice, BabyDoc, McZiff, Malice, SK, Annabolics, VooDoo, Autonomy, Backman, BulkyBill, Deep Thought, Retina, Dolittle & The Tallman

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Right Now Radio

Right Now Radio is a news and current affairs program that focuses on the latest human rights news, views and events from around Australia.  Each month, the Right Now Radio crew bring you a dynamic, engaging and provocative discussion with leading human rights experts, advocates, policy makers, artists and people in the community about current human rights issues in Australia.

To listen to all of our previous podcasts, check out our Right Now Radio webpage.  

...with Ben Schokman, Rachel Ball, Evelyn Tadros and Anna Dorevitch.

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Smart Arts

Interviews, news and reviews ranging across the arts - to make you think and feel.

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Social issues, interviews and chatter, books, arts and events.

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The Architects

Talk about buildings, places and stuff...

...with Simon Knott, Stuart Harrison and Christine Phillips

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The Downlow

Join Geraldine Hickey, Kate McLennan and Anne Edmonds for a unique look at sport.

Each week Geraldine, Kate and Anne investigate different sports and report back on a match they've attended, but please don't expect an expert discussion of the game. Do expect an in-depth look at the food, the toilets, spectator etiquette, things overheard on the tram, childhood stories, the tears of sore losers and an array of colourful guests. This is a show by the fans for the fans and it could get a little emotional.

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The Grapevine

Current affairs you can engage with and participate in with Kulja Coulston and Dylan Bird. Featuring interviews on issues including urban planning, social justice and environment, craft and design, as well as live music and The Reading Room with Sally Rippin and Mel Cranenburgh.

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Vital Vital Bits

A taste of Triple R's weekend breakfast with the one and only Tim Thorpe and regular guests. Including 'Bike Bits' with Marcus Walker, and 'Dirt' (gardening and life on the land) with Bohdan.

It's the vital bits of Vital Bits.

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Zero G

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical. Film, television, theatre, events, books, comics, people and other things, toys and..mathoms!

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