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This weeks highlights


Tabula Rasa

Midnight Friday-2am

25th Mar 17

For the month of March James Ross presents Far Gone and Out, a journey through Postpunk, Noisepop and Shoegaze. Come on a screamadelic trip as James puts his fuzz pedal to the metal and scours the globe for the latest and greatest in noise pop, krautrock, shoegaze and post-punk.

Off The Record

Saturday 9am-12pm

25th Mar 17

American rock-group Spoon will be in the studio to give a live performance and interview ahead of the tour of their album Hot Thoughts.


Saturday 2pm-4pm

25th Mar 17

Americana rock n' roll group Raised by Eagles will be in the studio to discuss the upcoming tour of their album Shape and Line.

Einstein A Go-Go

Sunday 11am-12pm

26th Mar 17

Dr Karla Hutt and Professor Moira O’Bryan, Deputy Director of the Biomedicine Discovery Institute at Monash University, will be in the studio to talk about Monash University’s Biomedicine Discovery Institute’s Outstanding Women in Science Fellowship. 

Eat It

Sunday 12pm-1pm

26th Mar 17

Callinan and Paul Calleja talk about their upcoming show at the Comedy Festival, The Wine Bluffs: A Comedy Wine Masterclass, and what you might expect to see from it. 

Sunday Lunch

Sunday 1pm

26th Mar 17

Everyone has a story, right? Even when you think you've heard it before. A short run of long stories with some folks we reckon have got good ones to tell. One hour - One guest - One long conversation. With erstwhile Triple R broadcaster Tracee Hutchison chatting to actor, producer, and activist Lisa Maza.

Under The Sun

Sunday 6pm-8pm

26th Mar 17

Deniz Tek, founding member of Australian proto-punk group Radio Birdman, calls in to discuss his upcoming tour alongside Stooges member James Williamson. 

The Grapevine

Monday 9am-12pm

27th Mar 17

Yolngu songwriter and musician Gawurra comes into the studio to give a live performance and chat about the details of his upcoming tour. 

Room With a View

Monday 12pm- 1pm

27th Mar 17

Judith Peppard is hosting Room With a View this week. Joining her will be Penelope Hill, who is the co-founder and president of Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia. 

Test Pattern

Wednesday 4pm-7pm

29th Mar 17

Neon Sunset’s Annaliese Redlich will be taking Test Pattern this week for the fourth and final instalment of Test Pattern Transmissions, as local synth-punk outfit NUN deliver their set in the RRR Performance Space. 

The Golden Age Of Piracy

Wednesday 10pm - Thursday 12am

29th Mar 17

Chinese noise-rock outfit Birdstriking give their ‘Formative Five’: the top five tracks and artists who have been most influential to their musical career. 

Get Down

Thursday 12pm-2pm

30th Mar 17

Joshua Tavares comes in to chat about the upcoming Roller Disco which will be going down at Collingwood flats. Melbourne eight-piece Jazz Party will also be on the show, discussing the release of their new single ‘Talking in Your Sleep’ and upcoming performance at the Howler. 

Max Headroom

Thursday 7pm-8pm

30th Mar 17

This week on Max Headroom, Steve Grimwade and Alicia Sometimes search for meaning at Womadelaide.

Tune in as a they answer the big questions:
How to win over a crowd in an African dance off?
Where does tradition end and progress start?
And why can't I get the sound of bats out of my head?

They talk with Aurelio, Oki, Inna Modja and Brushy One String and explore the festival's 25 years of music, people and stories.

The Australian Mood

Thursday 8pm-10pm

30th Mar 17

Known for his drumming in Australian rock group Rocket Science, Kit Warhurst is in the studio to discuss his solo career and release of his album Colour Wheel, which he’ll be launching at Easey Street Concert Hall in April. Jeff Jenkins and Ian McFarlane will also be on the show for their regular segments. 

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