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2nd Oct 14

On Thursday we’re joined by Thomas Caldwell with film at 7.45 and Sean ‘Birdman’ Dooley flies in at 8.15.

We’re also speaking with Paddy O’Reilly about her new book The Wonders.

Max Headroom

2nd Oct 14

The short song is the perfect fit for the modern world with all of its distractions. Short songs take the saying “all killer, no filler” to an extreme level as they trim the fat and punch out a concentrated burst of harmonious happiness. Find out all about the different types and styles of Short Songs - a special presented by Scott Fisher on Max Headroom.


3rd Oct 14

We Touch My History at 7.45 with Sigmund Jorgensen about Monsalvat and Director Christian Leavesley joins us at 8.15 to talk about Marlin, a new play at the MTC.

Tabula Rasa

midnight Friday

3rd Oct 14

Throw a brick at the TV and turn up the stereo. Throughout October on Tabula Rasa, Dan Keely brings you Broken Screens - 2-hour cinematic mix tapes built on the dialogue and SFX of great film. Each week Dan takes a classic or cult fim and re-imagines its sountrack. Explore Yellow Magic Orchestra's proto electronica through the classic eighties feel good robot flick, Short Circuit. Take a funk and soul journey alongside the essential hip hop inspiration of Scarface. It may be a familiar film but not its soundtrack as you know it.

Off The Record

4th Oct 14

Jackson Browne talks about his new album Standing In The Breach. Brian catches up with Robert Ellis in Texas.

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