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This weeks highlights


Off The Record

1st Nov 14

 Brian talks to Alynda Lee Segarra of Hurray For The Riff Raff, who are touring later this month. Plus more!


1st Nov 14

Happy Halloween boys and ghouls! This week the show will be dedicated to the wonderful and kitsch world of Halloween themed music. Get ready to do the monster mash, caveman hop and Frankenstein rock.

Tarantula Ghoul

Radio Marinara

2nd Nov 14

We catch up with Andrew Kidman, musician, writer and film-maker about the upcoming Spirit of Akasha movie/live performance at Hamer Hall on November 7. We'll be discussing the genesis of the movie, a tribute to Morning of the Earth, and his band The Windy Hills who are performing live at the movie screening and at the Northcote Social Club on Thursday November 6. 

Dr Gary Poore joins us to talk about the ins and outs of measuring marine biodiversity, and a new paper revealing would you believe TEN new species of squat lobster. What is a squat lobster we hear you ask? How do we know there are 10 of them? Where do they all live? Lucky for us, Australia's leading expert on crustacean taxonomy will be in studio to educate us all.

Dr Surf has an update on the Pt Leo Vintage Day with our Mornington Peninsula correspondent Phil Newman and news on the great swell we had this week.

Plus loads of latest marine news.

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