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25th Jul 14

Declan Fay will be in on Friday morning for Bumper Edition, followed by Charlotte Smith from the University of Melbourne who will be in for a very special Touch My History. Heading into the weekend, Clare Watson will tell the Breakfasters about her show at Theatreworks, I Heart John McEnroe. Dave Lawson will be in as usual just before the end of the show on Friday. Don't say you weren't warned.

Tabula Rasa

midnight Friday

25th Jul 14

In the month of July Lex Cran presents The Through Line. Joining the dots between old and new, and genre-hopping between hip hop, folk, rock, electro pop & beyond, The Through Line will look at the common threads between new releases and revisit the odd old classic. Each week Lex will feature a timeless album and will also focus on one of the many musical hotspots of the world.

Off The Record

26th Jul 14

Joe Henry talks about his new album Invisible Hour and his forthcoming tour of Australia. The Yearlings join us in the studio.

Radio Marinara

27th Jul 14

It’s been well reported that over the last few decades, changes in sea ice cover have been happening in different places around the world. However, a new study from Melbourne University released this month shows that the changes are more dramatic than expected, and we now face some sea ice disappearing from the Arctic altogether within a very short period of time. Lead Investigator Professor Ian Simmonds from the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne, will join us to talk about his group’s work, and some of the impacts on not only sea ice, but their neighbouring oceans.  

Then we’ll be catching up with David Doubilet, regarded by many as one of the world’s foremost underwater photographers. David’s work is the subject of an upcoming National Geographic Live! talk and presentation called Coral, Fire and Ice: Explore Secret Underwater Worlds at Hamer Hall, which features the beauty of the coral triangle contrasted against the magnificence of icebergs and shipwrecks in the icy waters of Antarctica.

Dr Beach will be in with some wild marine science.

And if that wasn’t enough…Makana (Hawaiin legendary slack key guitarist) will join us live in studio with Sean Willmore (Thin Green Line) to talk more about the TGL work and big Gala fundraiser next week, and to give us a taste of what's in store on the night.

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