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This weeks highlights



Monday to Friday 6am-9am

25th Jan 17

On today's show Bron and Dan are joined by Captain Wyanda Lublink of The Steve Irwin talks Japanese whaling activity.


Wednesday 12pm-2pm

25th Jan 17

Janelle O’Callaghan is chatting to Jane Harper about her debut novel The Dry and Krissy Kneen about her new erotic fiction project A Stranger in the Dark. Plus Natalie Kon-yu will discuss her piece "Diversity, the Stella Count, and the Whiteness Of Australian Publishing" in The Conversation

Test Pattern

Wednesday 4pm-7pm

25th Jan 17

Michael Ciccia is joined by Clairy Browne who is dropping by the studio for a chat. Plus Last Quokka will give us the details about their Melbourne tour and new single. 


Monday to Friday 6am-9am

26th Jan 17

Bron and Dan are joied today by Anthony Carew, in to review the film Live By Night. 


Thursday 9am-12pm

26th Jan 17

Richard Watts is back for 2017! First up Artist Amy Spiers discusses the Miranda Must Go campaign, and the battle to reclaim Hanging Rock as a site of thousand of years of Indigenous history, instead of the fictional vanishing place for white schoolgirls. Then musicians Ellen Fullman and Theresa Wong explain their unusual collaboration: Theresa plays the cello and Ellen plays the Long String Instrument, an instrument of her own devising comprised of a dozens of highly tensioned metallic strings spanning up to thirty metres in length, brushed with rosin-coated fingers. Plus Tai Snaith & Ace Wagstaff wrap up this fortnight in the visual arts.

Get Down

Thursday 12pm-2pm

26th Jan 17

Zeitgeist Energy Exchange stop by for a chat.

Respect The Rock

Thursday 2pm-4pm

26th Jan 17

Cut come in to talk about their reunion gig, plus Canadian punk outfit White Lung stop by.

Breaking And Entering

Thursday 4pm-7pm

26th Jan 17

Simon and Lauren chat to supremely inventive producer Mr Carmack about playing the Laneway festival.

Max Headroom

Thursday 7pm-8pm

26th Jan 17

Join Systa BB as she explores the work of composer, playwright and author Paul Bowles.

Bowles travelled through Morocco, recording over 200 pieces of music on behalf of the Library of Congress in 1959. Only a few pieces of this work ever saw the light until the recently released Dust to Digital box set.

Hear them in their full glory on Max headroom


Monday to Friday 6am-9am

27th Jan 17

Winding up the week with Bron and Dan is Cirque de Soleil Melbourne-based acrobat Laura Kmetko.


Neon Sunset

Friday 7pm-10pm

27th Jan 17

Annaleise talks to Time For Dreams about IT Records 3rd Birthday celebration, plus iconic 1980s Kiwi band The Bats talk about their Australian Tour.

Tabula Rasa

Midnight Friday-2am

28th Jan 17

Psych Out with Dominic Moore. Let your Friday melt into Saturday with new and old psychedelic, kraut and garage jams. Think 90 second garage bangers, elongated freak outs and good ol' fashioned filfy rock n roll. Get up, get down and psych out with Dom every Saturday morning in January.

Vital Bits

Saturday & Sunday 6am-9am

28th Jan 17

Hobart/Melbourne guitar/gutter pop band Quivers talk about their gig at the Fitzroy Pinnacle.

Film Buff's Forecast

Saturday 12pm-2pm

28th Jan 17

Big week for the Buffs as they chat to director and strong Oscars nom contender Garth Davis about his movie Lion, plus Peninsula Short Film Festival founder Steve Bastoni discusses what we can expect from this year's fest.


Sunday 10am-11am

29th Jan 17

Singer, writer and Cell Block H original cast member Jane Clifton stops by for a chat with Fiona Scott-Norman on Dark Side Of The Tune (filling in for Radiotherapy over summer).

Greening the Apocalypse

Tuesday 7pm-8pm

31st Jan 17

Preening The Apocalypse (filling in)

Thought Criminal Roger Grierson looks at the state of the world and the future in four informative and entertaining programs. Join Roger and robots (yes robots), Winston and Rosie, as they present their collective thoughts on the not so human race.

Can four one hour shows save the planet? Can one man and two robots harness the best ideas from experts and futurists to ensure survival of us all? Tune in, turn on, and find out. 

Tonight's episode: Whoops, Apocalypse! If it all went horribly wrong, what might the end if the world look like, and how might it happen? Let's guess.


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