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This weeks highlights



25th Nov 14

Helen Razer and Bernard Keane have teamed up to write a new book A Short History of Stupid - The decline of reason and why public debate makes us want to scream. Helen drops by the studio on Tuesday to tell us all about it at 8.45.

And Tony Biggs reviews Power, Inc. by David Rothcorpf at 7.45.


25th Nov 14

Mark Leahy (The Twoks) will be in the studio with Scott and Casey on Tuesday for Superfluity. From 8pm. For those of you who are yet to discover them, The Twoks are a electric violin and drums duo. Intrigued? Check them out: http://thetwoks.com


26th Nov 14

Wednesday on Breakfasters; Farrah Thomazin continues our State Election Campaign report at 7.15.

We also catch up on Science with Dr Jen and Tim Harrington joins us for Genius Squad at 8.15.


27th Nov 14

On Thursday at 8.45 we speak with Nasa about Pyramid Jam, a youth-led hip-hop dance event happening at the Footscray Arts Centre.

Thomas Caldwell drops by with a film review and Sean ‘Birdman’ Dooley gives us the lowdown on birds and the Victorian State Election.

Max Headroom

27th Nov 14

With the wealth of digital processing techniques available, our most primitive instrument - the human voice - is stranger and more malleable than ever. This week on Max Headroom, Josh Meggitt presents Digital Voices, exploring some of the most cutting edge examples of music for voice and electronics, from austere academic experiments to the giddier fringes of contemporary clubland.


28th Nov 14

We speak with the Artistic Director of The Other Film Festival Rick Randall at 8.15 on Friday.

Plus Touch My History at 7.45 with Paddy O'Reilly on her new book It Happened in a Holden.

Tabula Rasa

midnight Friday

28th Nov 14

Elastic Manifesto is a comedy treatise on a single topic, direct from the twisted mind of acclaimed pseudo-intellectual Daniel Burt. Each show a different theme is poked, inspected, stretched, torn apart and put back together again with the added spice of comedy clips and special guests. May contain accidental dead air.

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