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This weeks highlights


Musically Incorrect

Tuesday 12am-2am

21st Feb 17

American thrash metal band Nuclear Assault will be joining Simon in the studio for a late night chat. 


Monday to Friday 6am-9am

21st Feb 17

Catherine Strong tells us about how fans commemorate music through memorabilia and souvenirs.

Uncommon Sense

Tuesday 9am, Tuesday 10am, Tuesday 11am

21st Feb 17

This week former US Republican Congressman Bob Inglis will join Amy to explain why he's changed his mind on climate change and how he is leading the charge for a carbon tax in the US, social researcher Rebecca Huntley will discuss her new book Still Lucky: Why You Should Feel Optimistic About Australia and Its People, Professor Sheila Fitzpatrick will traverse the centenary of the Russian Revolution and its present-day effects, plus Ben Eltham joins us to talk federal politics.

The Good, The Dub & The Global

Tuesday 2pm-4pm

21st Feb 17

Systa BB is joined by South Korean post-rock band Jambinai in the studio to talk about their upcoming gig at the Asia TOPA performance club XO State. Plus Warsaw Village Band stop by for a chat and Mohair Slim talks about this weekend’s Jamaica Jump-Up, raising vital funds for the legendary Alpha Boy’s School in Jamaica. 


Tuesday 8pm-10pm

21st Feb 17

Guest host Sophie Koh joins the gang this week.

Leisure Link

Tuesday 10pm- Wednesday 12am

21st Feb 17

Joining Didvid S on Leisure Link this week will be Sleep D and Burnt Friedman talking the upcoming ONO showcase at The Substation.


Monday to Friday 6am-9am

22nd Feb 17

Director Rachel Perkins previews her new film Jasper Jones.

Parallel Lines

Wednesday 9am, Wednesday 10am, Wednesday 11am

22nd Feb 17

Sara chats with designer/researcher Jane Connory and artist Tess Gard-Munnings about their exhibition Anonymity: Measuring the visibility of women in design at Melbourne Style Gallery. Plus Aussie music legend David Bridie stops by to talk about his new album.


Wednesday 12pm-2pm

22nd Feb 17

This week Elizabeth and Louise talk to author David Francis about his novel Wedding Bush Road, and to Greg Hill about life as a ghost writer.

New & Groovy

Wednesday 2pm-4pm

22nd Feb 17

Brand new Melbourne collective Dr Sinha's Jazz Lobotomy drop by to talk about their innovative debut single.

Test Pattern

Wednesday 4pm-7pm

22nd Feb 17

This month's host Adam Christou chats with Jen Cloher (of Milk! Records) and Joe Alexander (of Bedroom Suck) about teaming up to promote Australian artists with their Split Singles Club. Plus Chloe Allison Escott discusses the YWCA's RACK OFF! Festival.

Byte Into It

Wednesday 7pm-8pm

22nd Feb 17

This week the Byte crew chat with Dr Juan Roman, Deputy Director at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, about how technologies that NASA invent and refine go on to benefit society in general. Plus Michelle Bourke from Launch VIC explains how her organisation supports Victoria's burgeoning startup scene.

The Golden Age Of Piracy

Wednesday 10pm - Thursday 12am

22nd Feb 17

Punk rockers The Menzingers share their 'Formative Five'.

Queer the Way

Wednesday 12am, Wednesday 1am

23rd Feb 17

Melbourne based three-piece Plaster of Paris stops by to chat about their gig at the Post Office Hotel.


Monday to Friday 6am-9am

23rd Feb 17

Hayley Inch reviews film; Sally Sherwen from Zoos Victoria presents Feature Creature.


Thursday 9am-12pm

23rd Feb 17

This week Richard talks to exhibiting artist Nathan Patterson about ‘The Business of Culture’, an event at the Koorie Heritage Trust where Indigenous artists discuss what it means to put a price on cultural works. Musician Adam Simmons chats about the first concert in his The Usefulness of Art series, which combines the jazz steeped sillyness of Adam's infamous toy band, with the skills of pianist Michael Kieran Harvey. Plus writer and performer Camilla Blunden talks about her solo show All This Living! at The Butterfly Club, and director Shane Savage and performer Emma Louise Pursey discuss their show Terminus at North of Eight.

Get Down

Thursday 12pm-2pm

23rd Feb 17

Local producer Moses Carr talks about providing live jams at Hip Hop For Humanity 2.0 at the Gasometer Hotel.

Breaking And Entering

Thursday 4pm-7pm

23rd Feb 17

Perth rockers Methyl Ethel stop by the studio to talk about their new album Everything is Forgotten and the Australian leg of their world tour.

Max Headroom

Thursday 7pm-8pm

23rd Feb 17

Adam Pont explores the work of LA indie quartet Warpaint. Adam chats to the band ahead of their Australian tour and takes and in-depth look at their songs, influences, side projects and more.
From their critically acclaimed debut EP in 2008 to the release of their brand new, third album Heads Up.

The Australian Mood

Thursday 8pm-10pm

23rd Feb 17

Dave Laing talks about raiding the archives of Warner Music, Festival Records and Mushroom Records to bring compilation The Glory Days of Aussie Pub Rock  to the world.

Son of Crawdaddy

Thursday 10pm- Friday 12am

23rd Feb 17

Ben Waters has played boogie piano with an intimidating list of music legends, including The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Screaming Lord Sutch, PJ Harvey, Bobby Womack, and the list goes on. He stops by the studio to chat to Max about the Melbourne leg of his current solo world tour. 


Monday to Friday 6am-9am

24th Feb 17

New comedy on Friday Funnybugger; live music for Breakfasters live; Melissa Hickey's Women's Footy Report.

Far And Wide

24th Feb 17

Steve chats to DJ (and one half of the world renowned duo Orbital) Phil Hartnoll.

Neon Sunset

Friday 7pm-10pm

24th Feb 17

Annaliese talks to Chinese three-piece Carsick Cars about their Australian tour, and to Aussie punk sweethearts The Gooch Palms about playing gigs at home after an extended stay in LA.

Tabula Rasa

Midnight Friday-2am

25th Feb 17

Excursions with Anne Simmons. Join Anne on a sonic trip into the early morning. Hear from newcomers around town and take routes through time. Never settling in one place too long, there'll be snapshots of the most exciting beats, rhymes, riffs, harmonies and blues. Every Saturday morning in February.

Film Buff's Forecast

Saturday 12pm-2pm

25th Feb 17

This week the Buffs chat with James Hewison, Head of Film Programs at ACMI, about his recent trip to Germany for Berlinale (the Berlin International Film Festival).

Tomorrow Never Knows

Saturday 8pm, Saturday 9pm

25th Feb 17

Honest and relatable folk-rock group Dag join Emerald in the studio post their debut album Benefits of Solitude launch at The Curtin.

Sunday Lunch

Sunday 1pm

26th Feb 17

Jess Lilley and Marita Dyson will be wandering through the Streets Of Your Town, up and down and round and round, finding connections between people and places across time. Things they’ll be pondering include… who owns the stories that are told from generation to generation? What is more valuable: fact, object or memory? How do we preserve memory and stories without locking them into a singular narrative? Tune in every Sunday in February, 1-2pm.


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