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This weeks highlights


Off The Record

Saturday 9am-12pm

25th Jun 16

Neko Case talks about her new album with kd Lang and Laura Viers. Kerryn Tolhurst discusses Some Lonesome Picker, a tribute to Greg Quill, featuring Paul Kelly and others.

Film Buff's Forecast

Saturday 12pm-2pm

25th Jun 16

The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival is this city's first documentary-dedicated competitive film festival; it's inaugural season runs from 9 - 11 July at Howler Art Space, with a global showcase of independent documentary films. Paul Harris talks to filmmakers Emily Baker and Nick Barkla about the works they'll have screening.

Radio Marinara

Sunday 9am-10am

26th Jun 16

Our Dive Reporter Terri Allen brings us Bowiebranchia – the result of the combined passions of someone who is utterly devoted to both Bowie and nudibranchs, and has realised a startling connection between the two.

Neil Blake, our Baykeeper, joins us to talk about the need for citizen science, the work of the Baykeeper network in Rye next week, a brilliant international recognition for the Port Phillip EcoCentre’s Gio Fitzpatrick, and ‘Be the Re-generation’ – a project aimed at engaging youth in local coastal monitoring and habitat improvement.

Jeff Maynard brings us a special offering from his treasure chest of nautical aural treats.

And Victorian Coastal Council’s (and Melbourne's favourite weatherman) Rob Gell drops by to talk about an upcoming coastal management conference in Melbourne called ‘Coast-to-Coast’ – when coastal managers from all over Australia flock to Melbourne for their biennial conference. Rob will also give us the official Community Cup weather forecast.

Sunday Lunch

Sunday 1pm

26th Jun 16

Each week on Sunday Lunch in June Laura Jean will feature a local record label - their artists, their ethos, their influences. The label boss will join her each week and co-present. It's a chance to get inside what is happening in the music industry today, and how it effects our culture. 

Einstein A Go-Go

Sunday 11am-12pm

26th Jun 16

Dr Shane and the crew talk to phD student Emily Cohen about her research into the role of the placenta on in-utero pre-natal growth; and to Dr Sweta Iyer about apoptosis, or 'programmed cell death' - a natural process that removes unwanted cells from the body.

New Pollution

Monday 12am-2am

27th Jun 16

The mighty 6-headed musical beast of joy that is Masco Sound System join Kate for a chat.

The Grapevine

Monday 9am-12pm

27th Jun 16

CEO of Environment Victoria Mark Wakeham reviews the community response to environmental issues this election campaign, and analyses it's impact in the marginal seats of Frankston and Mitcham. Writer Melanie Joosten shares some of her insights into the political and social realities of aging covered in her new book A Long Time Coming: Essays On Old Age. And activist and print maker Chips Mackinolty talks about the inspiration behind his new exhibition The Wealth of the Land.

Local and/or General

Monday 8pm-10pm

27th Jun 16

Sydney electro producer Dro Carey (aka Eugene Ward) lands locally to kick-off his Australian tour for new EP 'Dark Zoo', the follow up to 2014's 'Club Injury Handbook'.

Banana Lounge Broadcasting

Tuesday 12pm-2pm

28th Jun 16

Will Hindmarsh, lead singer of psych-rock sci-fi-nauts Go Go Sapien, joins Dave for some slow talk about the band's upcoming vinyl 7" release, and it's fondness for outre artwork.

Double Bounce

Tuesday 4pm, Tuesday 5pm, Tuesday 6pm

28th Jun 16

Ben Houghton is in and playing live to celebrate the release of his 12" Beta Blocker, coming out through his label Momentary Records.


Tuesday 8pm-10pm

28th Jun 16

Jane Hendry is one half of the band Broads, a quarter of The Nymphs, and one fifth of quintet Tiger & Me. Amazingly, she's still got time this Tuesday to bring her own flavour to the Superfluity mix.

Byte Into It

Wednesday 7pm-8pm

29th Jun 16

Information systems academic Dr Vanessa Teague discusses research that's shown that software can - and has - affected election results. It's her contention that source code for election software should be made available for public scrutiny.


Thursday 9am-12pm

30th Jun 16

In a special one hour in-conversation event live from the Triple R Performance Space Richard talks with acclaimed Australian actor Colin Friels about his remarkable award-winning career (spanning over three decades across film, television and theatre), and his latest play for Melbourne Theatre Company, David Hare’s contemporary classic Skylight.

Get Down

Thursday 12pm-2pm

30th Jun 16

Together Like Brothers (TLB) talk about the launch of their album Ambitious, and the Rising High Recording Studio music programs that helped them get their start.

The Australian Mood

Thursday 8pm-10pm

30th Jun 16

Garry Gray talks about his latest band The Sixth Circle and the launch of their new album Diamond in the Forehead

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