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This weeks highlights



Monday to Friday 6am-9am

24th Oct 16

Andrew Donnison talks sports; Toby Halligan's politics roundup.


Monday 4pm-7pm

24th Oct 16

Girls Rock! Melbourne is a 5 day long, not-for-profit, summer camp for non binary or female identifying young people between the ages of 12 - 17 and they're having a fundraiser. Fee is going to catch up with organiser Ruby Watson, Gemma Helms from LISTEN, and RVG who will be performing on the day will be in for a couple of cheeky live tracks. Lazertits are also playing that event after a little hiatus, and it just so happens that Fee will also premiere their brand new track. On ya Monday!


Local and/or General

Monday 8pm-10pm

24th Oct 16

Yolgnu singer/songwriter Gawurra's (aka Stanley Gawurra Gaykamangu) debut album Ratja Yaliyali was nominated for an ARIA, and won the 2016 National Indigenous Music Award for Album Of The Year. This week, he'll perform LIVE in-studio, and give Jas Moore the inside story on the buzz that's followed his debut. Plus: Melbourne-based electronic artist Planete joins Jas for a chat ahead of the launch of new single Nightcrawler at the Gasometer on Cup Eve.

Hood Pass

Mondays 10pm-Tuesday 12am

24th Oct 16

Melbourne hip hop duo Otis High are in to talk about life on the road and their new ep 'Freedom of Choice'. Plus an in-studio performance from B-Wise!


Monday to Friday 6am-9am

25th Oct 16

Adam Burling from Sea Shepherd; Chris Womersley on books; Vanessa Toholka talks tech.


Tuesday 9am-12pm

25th Oct 16

Spoke regular Ben Eltham is once again in the host’s chair, this week he talks to author Lee Zachariah about his book Double Dissolution: Heartbreak & Chaos On The Campaign Trail, plus the usual wraps of this week in media and politics.

The Good, The Dub & The Global

Tuesday 2pm-4pm

25th Oct 16

Esteemed songwriter, singer and storyteller Archie Roach joins Systa BB for a LIVE in-studio performance, showcasing tracks from his new album Let Love Rule. It's the 10th studio album in Roach's three decades-long career, and a work that he describes as "a call for understanding".

Double Bounce

Tuesday 4pm, Tuesday 5pm, Tuesday 6pm

25th Oct 16

Vaughan chats to Pete Baxter from band SMILE about paying tribute to the legacy of the Byrds at their upcoming MPavilion gig.

Greening the Apocalypse

Tuesday 7pm-8pm

25th Oct 16

Aboriginal artist Cassie Leatham is in to talk about what's happening with bush tucker, can you still find it or does two centuries of colonial land use mean that it's gone forever?


Monday to Friday 6am-9am

26th Oct 16

Eamon Evans talks about weird Australian placenames; Dr Jen on weird science.

Parallel Lines

Wednesday 9am, Wednesday 10am, Wednesday 11am

26th Oct 16

Sara talks to award-winning composer Eve Duncan about ‘Butterfly Modernism - Architecture In Music’, a concert of her music at the Melbourne Recital Centre that explores the parallels between the mathematics of iconic modernist coastal architecture and the mathematics of music.


Wednesday 12pm-2pm

26th Oct 16

Elizabeth and Louise talk to Briohny Doyle about her novel The Island Will Sink and to media theorist Brigid McCarthy about critically acclaimed British TV show Catastrophe.

New & Groovy

Wednesday 2pm-4pm

26th Oct 16

Funk outfit Lake Minnetonka are in the house to celebrate the release of their new single ‘Out There Bout There’.

Test Pattern

Wednesday 4pm-7pm

26th Oct 16

Jordie Lane is in to talk about the launch of his new album Glassellland at the Corner Hotel this Friday (the 28th).

Byte Into It

Wednesday 7pm-8pm

26th Oct 16

The Byte crew chat to Michele Stockley and Daniel Garcia from the NGV Education team about the museum's Digital Creatives program, which enables students to use digital technologies to explore, interpret, create and share works of art.


Monday to Friday 6am-9am

27th Oct 16

Bradley Ogden on the Art Bike Race; Amy Hidge from Wildlife Vic talks Feature Creatures; Simone Ubaldi reviews film.


Thursday 9am-12pm

27th Oct 16

Camilla Hannan fills in for Richard this week, she talks to Alison Croggon about her piece in The Monthly ‘Culture Crisis: Critical Failure And The Australian Malaise’ and to composer and performer Matthias Schack-Arnott about his new work Annica, a percussion piece that aurally and kinetically explores cycles, orbits and the perception of time.  Artistic Director Melinda Hetzel and artists Jennifer Whitten and Tace Kelly talk about the Abbotsford Convent's Open Spaces Program, and Editor-In-Chief (and also Director of VCA) Professor Su Baker discusses the re-launch of Art & Australia magazine. Plus creator Lisa Radford and collaborator from Northern Theatre Company Teresa Noble attempt to explain Dear Masato, All At Once, (Get A Life, The Only Thing That Cuts Across Species Is Death). This play that is not a play and is also an exhibition certainly defies definition, and it's on at West Space.

Get Down

Thursday 12pm-2pm

27th Oct 16

Chris chats to Electric Wire Hustle about their new album The 11th Sky, plus an in-studio performance from British blender of beats and the blues Rag 'N' Bone Man.

Respect The Rock

Thursday 2pm-4pm

27th Oct 16

Long Holiday swing by to talk about their new ep ‘Sunny Disposition’.

Breaking And Entering

Thursday 4pm-7pm

27th Oct 16

Melbourne two-piece Friendships tell Simon and Lauren all about the launch of their new album Nullarbor 1988 - 1989.

Max Headroom

Thursday 7pm-8pm

27th Oct 16

On this week's Max Headroom, Toby Halligan cuts through the spin to tell the story of the worst Presidential campaign in living memory. Toby will be joined by experts who'll explain the likely winners and losers on the 8th of November, what it tells us about American society, and what it might mean for Australia.

The Australian Mood

Thursday 8pm-10pm

27th Oct 16

Garage/punk cowboy Kit Convict drops by to big up Thee Terrible Two's new 12" vinyl long-player Cobra's Blood. It launches at The Old Bar on Friday 4 November.


Monday to Friday 6am-9am

28th Oct 16

Laura Dunneman for Friday Funnybuggers; Oz Music on Breakfasters Live

Tabula Rasa

Midnight Friday-2am

29th Oct 16

Grant Davis presents Left Off the Dial - Classic Hits radio from an alternative dimension - A look back over the past at some of the most iconic influences and cult heroes still shaping music today.

Vital Bits

Saturday & Sunday 6am-9am

29th Oct 16

The movable feast (and cavalcade of stars) that is band Pesky Bones will perform live to celebrate the release of their new album Pesky Bones Volume One.

Off The Record

Saturday 9am-12pm

29th Oct 16

The final part of our interview with Stax legend William Bell talking about his latest album This Is Where I Live. Plus Raised By Eagles.


Saturday 2pm-4pm

29th Oct 16

Lost Ragas perform live ahead of their gig at the Northcote Social Club on the 31st of October.


Saturday 10pm- Sunday 12am

29th Oct 16

Dead End are in to talk about their November residency at the Tote Upstairs.

Radio Marinara

Sunday 9am-10am

30th Oct 16

The Mariners chat with author Graeme Henderson about his book Swallowed By The Sea.


Sunday 10am-11am

30th Oct 16

This week the Doctors consult with author and psychologist Mark Grant about his book Change Your Brain, Change Your Pain.

Einstein A Go-Go

Sunday 11am-12pm

30th Oct 16

Dr Shane and colleagues are joined by Dr Daniel Fernandez-Ruiz from Melbourne University to discuss his new research into stopping malaria parasites in the liver.

Eat It

Sunday 12pm-1pm

30th Oct 16

Tea expert Hanna from Northcote based tea shop Storm In A Teacup is in to talk about her favourite topic: mountain climbing. (Just kidding, it's tea).

Sunday Lunch

Sunday 1pm

30th Oct 16

'Review Review' will review. What will they review? Anything. A movie, a book, a domestic fight, a medium rare steak, a mixed-netball match, a $2 shop, a meeting with a boss, a sneeze, a song, a trip to the museum, an egg, they could even review a review. Nothing's sacred. Everything's up for scrutiny. Join comedians Laura Dunemann and Danielle Walker as they decide what's good, what's bad and what's a little bit icky on 'Review Review'. We give that blurb a 5 out of 5.

Under The Sun

Sunday 6pm-8pm

30th Oct 16

Kim Salmon & Doug Galbraith explain Salmon for Breakfast, a fascinating marriage of art exhibition, live show and narrative theatre piece that charts the journey of Kim Salmon from the semi-industrial wastelands of 1950's suburban Perth to the world stage with bands like the Scientists, Surrealists, and Beasts of Bourbon. 

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