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1st Sep 15

Chris Womersley will review Quicksand by Steve Toltz. Vanessa Toholka will talk about 'y Combinator' and Laura Imbruglia will talk about Amateur Hour TV...


1st Sep 15

It's Derek Guille week! The best kind of week. One of our faves and 'Friend of Superfluity',Derek will be in the studio to teach Scott & Casey a thing or two about radio.


2nd Sep 15

Richard Willingham will chat to us about all things Spring Street. Van Badham comes in talk about the Trade Union Royal Commission. Bill Bryson talks to the Breakfasters about the book turned to movie 'A Walk in the Woods'.

The Golden Age Of Piracy

2nd Sep 15

If you've been fortunate enough to see A Place To Bury Strangers live, you know the sheer sonic force that can be exuded by a band. Their name elicits something brutal, but the truth is that their brutality is wrapped in shimmering beauty. They are headed up Oliver Ackermann, a guitarist who also builds effects pedals for shoegaze royalty such as My Bloody Valentine as well as Nine Inch Nails and even U2, and his band's sound reflects his passion for unique sounds.

Oliver Ackermann speaks to Tristen ahead of their Melbourne show on Sept 4th and discusses his influences and inspirations, as he chooses his Formative Five.


3rd Sep 15

Thomas Caldwell comes in for a film review. Birdman is wowing us with bird talk. And Matthew Sleeth comes in to talk about 'A Drone Opera'...

Max Headroom

3rd Sep 15

This week on Max Headroom, Jay Stride and Zack Rampage feature NWA to celebrate the release of the movie Straight Outta Compton. They’ll play selected NWA tracks, talk to O'Shea Jackson Jr, who plays his own father Ice Cube in the movie, and discuss the profound impact and legacy that NWA had on the West coast rap scene.


4th Sep 15

Jessie French comes in to talk about MPavilion, a unique architecture commission and design event for Melbourne, initiated by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation. Trish Campbell comes in for 'Genius Squad' to talk about naths and metadata retention. Sui Zhen comes in for Breakfasters Live

Tabula Rasa

midnight Friday

5th Sep 15

This month on Tabula Rasa, join Josie Smart as she strays into the science of sound and union of the senses on Triggerimotion.

Colours of the human experience become entangled with an experimental collection of music, creative audio and storytelling. Featuring interviews with artists of all sorts responding to an array of thematic concepts throughout September.

Off The Record

5th Sep 15

Dr Ike from New Orleans on the Ponderosa Stomp. Kenney Jones of The Faces Part 2. Stephen Cummings and in the studio to talk gigs.

The Grapevine

7th Sep 15

Dennis Glover argues an economy is not a society. Plus VICE editor drops by to talk incarceration and we preview of Solar House Day.

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