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Thursday 9am-12pm

29th Sep 16

More of Melbourne Fringe this week, as Richard chats with choreographer Nebahat Erpolat about his daring, live art dance work Emptying The Bucket, and to writers Patricia Cornelius and Candy Bowers about Play for Australia, a season of ultra-short 600 word plays at the Arts Centre. Plus regular segments 'Drawn Out' with Bernard Caleo and 'Shoot The Messenger' with Fleur Kilpatrick.

Breaking And Entering

Thursday 4pm-7pm

29th Sep 16

Drugdealer (aka Mike Collins) chats about his new album The End of Comedy.

Max Headroom

Thursday 7pm-8pm

29th Sep 16

This week Dylan Bird presents an in-depth exploration of the case of 43 Mexican students who were forcibly disappeared in 2014. To mark the two-year anniversary, Dylan speaks to human rights experts in Mexico and a leading investigative reporter about the enduring mystery, and how it reflects on Mexico’s criminal and political underworld.

The Australian Mood

Thursday 8pm-10pm

29th Sep 16

Hugo Race and Angie Hart perform live in-studio, before racing off for the launch of Hugo's new album 24 Hours to Nowhere at the Spotted Mallard that evening. Plus post-punk rockers Pel Mel join Neil for a chat about the reality of reforming after a 20 year hiatus, and touring their 2016 'best of' and live album releases.

Tabula Rasa

Midnight Friday-2am

1st Oct 16

Grant Davis presents Left Off the Dial - Classic Hits radio from an alternative dimension - A look back over the past at some of the most iconic influences and cult heroes still shaping music today

Einstein A Go-Go

Sunday 11am-12pm

2nd Oct 16

Modeled after the historic Royal Society of London, The Australian Academy of Science's raison d'etre is to promote excellence in, and awareness of, Australian scientific endeavours. This week, Dr Shane and the crew talk to the Academy's new Chief Executive, Anna-Maria Arabia, about her vision for the Academy's future.

Sunday Lunch

Sunday 1pm

2nd Oct 16

'Review Review' will review. What will they review? Anything. A movie, a book, a domestic fight, a medium rare steak, a mixed-netball match, a $2 shop, a meeting with a boss, a sneeze, a song, a trip to the museum, an egg, they could even review a review. Nothing's sacred. Everything's up for scrutiny. Join comedians Laura Dunemann and Danielle Walker as they decide what's good, what's bad and what's a little bit icky on 'Review Review'. We give that blurb a 5 out of 5.

JVG Radio Method

Sunday 2pm-4pm

2nd Oct 16

Good time crew The Vibrajets inject a bunch of upbeat vibes into your Sunday arvo, serving JVG a sample of their wigged out surf/frat/rock'n'roll stylings.

New Pollution

Monday 12am-2am

3rd Oct 16

Local shoegaze band Flyying Colours have just released their debut album Mindfullness. Before they head out on their UK tour, Brodie & Mel join Kate for a chat on New Pollution.


Monday 4pm-7pm

3rd Oct 16

Seattle four-piece Chastity Belt are in to chat about their first visit to Australia, and their upcoming gig at the Curtain on the 6th of October.

Local and/or General

Monday 8pm-10pm

3rd Oct 16

Jas talks to Chloe Turner about her work organising feminist music conference LISTEN, and to experimental punk rockers Ouch My Face about playing the conference's Friday night showcase.

The Good, The Dub & The Global

Tuesday 2pm-4pm

4th Oct 16

Systa talks to dancehall DJ Stick Mareebo about his upcoming set at the Jamaican Music and Food Festival.

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