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This weeks highlights


Max Headroom

18th Sep 14

On last week's Max Headroom, Tristen Harris delved into the world of post-punk, but more specifically, the integral role that women played in the genre. As one hour is simply not enough time to fully honour their contribution, Tristen returns this Thursday to present part 2 of C30, C60, C90 Go! a celebration of women in post-punk, playing everything from the essential to the unfairly forgotten.

Tabula Rasa

midnight Friday

19th Sep 14

In the month of September. Glen Morrow prenents Rhizome, a roots-based music program - linking traditional and contemporary expressions of the genre with new and emerging styles of roots music. The program will feature an eclectic blend of local and international artists. It will explore artistic influences, trace historical origins and impacts, contain thought provoking content, and will highlight and embrace converged music styles. The conversational and personable feel of the program, along with music that has meaning and tells stories will engage the listener with both the musical narrative and roots music genre more generally. It’s a train trip through the Mississippi Delta, stopping at a Chicago blues bar and through the streets of Melbourne, Port Fairy, Vancouver and London; with regular detours along the way.

Neon Sunset

Friday 7pm, Friday 8pm, Friday 9pm

19th Sep 14

After appearing seemingly out of nowhere in 2011, Iceage made quite a mark with their considered blend of noise, hardcore and punk on their debut album New Brigade. Following it up with last year's equally impressive record You're Nothing, and set to release their third record next month, the band will drop by the studio on their first tour to Australia.

Plus, Alex Yabley will explore an electronic niche in 'Genre Cult' and so many more luminous treats and musical freaks to help punctuate your working week


Off The Record

20th Sep 14

 This week we are coming to you from the Americana Conference & Festival in Nashville with lots of interviews with the Aussie contingent.

Stolen Moments

20th Sep 14

This weeks Stolen Moments will be a 2 hour special on American pianist, keyboard player and composer Joe Sample. He was one of the founding members of the Jazz Crusaders, the band which became simply The Crusaders in 1971. This is the man who wrote Street Life!

In the early 1980s, he enjoyed a successful solo career and appeared on many recordings by the likes of Miles Davis, George Benson, Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Lalo Schifrin, Blue Mitchell, The Supremes... just to name a few.

 Joe Samples discography rolls deep so expect a few surprises on the show.

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