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Off The Record

18th Apr 15

This week coming to you from Austin, Texas with some very special guests and lots of Texas music! plus Neal Casal from the Chris Robinson Brotherhood.

Radio Marinara

19th Apr 15

Why are certain whales the only non-human animals that do menopause? Dr Beach looks at a recent paper that offers a reason ….

We’ve been hearing a lot of concern about the impacts of receding sea ice on Arctic and Antarctic animals and plants - Dr Graeme Clark from Applied Marine and Estuarine Ecology group at the University of NSW joins us to talk about a brand new paper by him and colleagues, which explores the effects of sea ice cover on benthic communities – the creatures that live on the bottom of the sea.

And Jeff promised no more bad shark movies for his review and our amusement. He’s fallen off the wagon. He says we should expect the worst.

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