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29th Jul 14

Dr.Patrick Stokes returns to bend our belief systems with a little philosophy at 7.15,Tony Biggs will review the new Joe Hockey biography, Madonna King's 'Not Your Average Joe', and scientist Idan Ben-Barak will explain why we aren't dead yet....


30th Jul 14

The Sunday Age's State Politics Editor, Farrah Tomazin, returns at 6.45 to explain the what the hell is going on down at Spring Street, Dr Jen gets weird with science and Melbourne International Film Festival Dirtector, Michelle Carey will let you know all about MIFF starting Thursday


31st Jul 14

Thomas Caldwell is in at 7.45 to review a new release flick, got a bird problem? It's the last Thursday of the month so that means it's Squawkback time with The Birdman and Michael and Peter Spiering, the directors of MIFF opening night film, Predestination stop by at 8.45..

Breaking And Entering

31st Jul 14

Future Islands

This Thursday we'll play an interview with some of the biggest movers and shakers in pop music this year, Future Islands. We'll hear about the stories and the choreography behind the songs on recent album 'Singles'.


We'll also be joined by Jungle. The UK duo have just released one of the debut albums of the year, and we'll be speaking about their unique approach to modern soul, electronic, and dance.

Max Headroom

31st Jul 14

This week on Max Headroom, Brian Nankervis presents 'Dylan Plays Australia, '66 - 2014'. Rare, raw and wonderful music and fascinating chats with those who witnessed the great Bob Dylan in Australia. With live recordings from his nine previous tours and interviews with musicians, journalists and fans who played, wrote about and were there. Joined by guests Craig McGregor, Paul Kelly and more, Brian features the legend that is Bob Dylan through Australian eyes and ears.


1st Aug 14

Declan Fay is in at 6.45 with 'Bumper Edition', Jon Perring from Save Live Australia's Music (SLAM) explains how the current state govt has dropped the ball when it comes to supporting Victoria's live music scene and venues, Tim Hogan from The State Library will touch your history, Sean Wilmore talks about the perils facing wildlife rangers around the world and Dave will phone in from an exotic international location...

Neon Sunset

Friday 7pm, Friday 8pm, Friday 9pm

1st Aug 14

Last year's debut full length LP from Sunbeam Sound Machine wove a rich blend of shoegazey psych tinged pop fringed with electronic elements. The brain child of Nick Sowersby, Sunbeam Sound Machine have certainly developed one of this city's more unique musical offerings. Nick will be in for a chat and to share his mix tape this Friday night.

Plus Neon Sunset's first lady of progressive beats and hip hop, Bec Florence will be in with her monthly segment 'Bedroom Nocturnes'.

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