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These audio archives are a collection of interviews, musicians playing live-to-air, documentaries, special features and anything else we thought might be of interest.

They are available in two different streaming formats. The high quality files are 128Kbps mp3 audio streams, the low bit-rate files are 32Kbps ogg vorbis audio streams. They are playable with a range of freely available players. More information on playing mp3 and ogg vorbis streams can be found on the streaming help page. Any low bit-rate files not currently listed will be added shortly.

The most recent 10 archives are available for all to hear. To delve back further into the archives you'll need to be logged in as a Triple R subscriber. Information on getting your login details can be found in the subscriber login information on the "welcome to our website" news item.

5th Mar 14

Eleanor Catton - Multi-Storied

High  |  Low

24th Feb 14

Beck - Breaking And Entering

High  |  Low

21st Feb 14

Wire - Far and Wide

High  |  Low

15th Feb 14

John Stanton - Film Buff's Forecast

High  |  Low

13th Feb 14

Kutcha Edwards - Smart Arts

High  |  Low

12th Feb 14

Andy Jackson & Lisa Jacobsen - Multi-Storied

High  |  Low

10th Feb 14

Gary Foley - The Grapevine

High  |  Low

3rd Feb 14

John Pilger - The Grapevine

High  |  Low

22nd Jan 14

Luke Carman - Multi-Storied

High  |  Low

19th Dec 13

Kathleen Hanna - Kinky Afro

High  |  Low

13th Dec 13

Nile Rodgers - Stylin'

11th Dec 13

Neil Hamburger - Aural Text

8th Dec 13

Tim Winton - Radio Marinara

17th Nov 13

Wayne Lynch - Radio Marinara

29th Oct 13

Germaine Greer - Banana Lounge Broadcasting

25th Oct 13

Councillor Stephen Jolly - On The Blower

23rd Oct 13

Patricia Edgar - Detour

17th Oct 13

Cody Chesnutt - Smart Arts Melbourne Festival Live Broadcast

15th Oct 13

John Safran - Spoke

10th Oct 13

Nicola Gunn - Smart Arts

9th Oct 13

Alex Miller - Aural Text

24th Sep 13

Alexa O'Brien - Spoke

6th Sep 13

David Williamson - On The Blower

3rd Sep 13

Antony Loewenstein - Spoke

2nd Sep 13

Chris Ruen - Breaking And Entering

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