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The Party Show

Sunday 12am-2am

4th Jun 17

THE TWO STEPHENS: Stephen Curry, Stephen Hall

28th May 17

AUSSIE RULES: Peter Jess, Tony Nolan QC, Don Hanly

21st May 17

AUSSIE ROCK: Wilbur Wilde, Gil Matthews, Michael Tortoni

14th May 17

ST. KILDA FILM FESTIVAL: Paul Harris, Abbie Holmes, Neil Pigot

7th May 17

LEGAL EAGLES: Rob Stary, Anthony Dowsley, Jack Hammond QC

30th Apr 17

DOCTORS IN THE HOUSE: Dr Athol Eaton, Dr Tony Caligari, Assoc Prof Dr Rod Phillips

23rd Apr 17

Not the Party Show

16th Apr 17

COMEDY FESTIVAL: Lawrence Mooney, Adam Hembree, Dr Phil Edwards

9th Apr 17

COMEDY FESTIVAL: Josh Earl, Adam Richard, Neeti Palta, Sumendra Singh, Nicole Ratjen

2nd Apr 17

COMEDY FESTIVAL: Richard Stubbs, Shirley Gnome, Isaac Lomman

26th Mar 17

MOTORING AND GRAND PRIX: Alastair Doak, Peter Tommasini, Andrew Ferroni

19th Mar 17

HISTORY OF MELBOURNE: Gary Morgan, Andrew Lemon

12th Mar 17

TRUTH, LIES & THE LAW: Detective-Inspector Kim West, Steven Van Aperen, Colin McLaren

5th Mar 17

SCIENCE: Assoc Prof Dr Roger Rassool, Dr Anton Tadich

26th Feb 17

ENGLISH AND WRITING: Prof Kate Burridge, Dr June Factor, Tony Thompson

19th Feb 17

DRUGS IN SPORT & SOCIETY: Dr John Fitzgerald, Jack Nagle, Greg Chipp

12th Feb 17

TECHNOLOGY: David "Wiz" Moylan, Adam Turner, Michael McKinnon

5th Feb 17

AMERICAN SPORTS & POLITICS: Donald Betts Jr, Phil Bertino (USA Foods), Barbara Keenan (USA Foods), Dr Matthew Zbaracki (ACU)

13th Nov 16

I FOUGHT THE LAW: Rob Stary, Brian Walters QC, Costas Kilias

6th Nov 16

US ELECTION 2016: Senator Donald Betts Jr, Windsor "Duke" Knox, Deborah Chew, Phil Bertino, Barbara Keenan

30th Oct 16

MELBOURNE CUP: Johnny Dow (Bookie), Mark Solonsch (Author & Tipster), Josh "Guru" Rodder (Melb Racing Club)

23rd Oct 16

ENGLISH, HISTORY & WRITING: Prof Kate Burridge, Dr Phillip Edwards, Jason Steger (Literary Editor - The Age)

16th Oct 16

LOCAL COUNCIL ELECTIONS: Mayor Roberto Colanzi, Mayor Samantha Ratnam, Fabulous Phil Cleary

9th Oct 16

COMEDY & TV: Lawrence Mooney, Dave O’Neil, TV Eye

2nd Oct 16

FILM & THEATRE: Nadia Tass, David Parker, Stephen Hall

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