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The Party Show

2nd Nov 14

MELBOURNE CUP: Johnny Dow, Mark Solonsch, Josh "Guru" Rodder, Leonard Russo

26th Oct 14

ROCK HISTORY: Jeff Jenkins (author, Molly Meldrum bio), Bob "Bongo" Starkie (Skyhooks), Brenden Mason (Madder Lake)

19th Oct 14

ORIGIN OF MAN: Dr Phil Edwards (archaeologist), Dr Cristina Valdiosera (archaeo-geneticist), Dr Colin Smith (archaeo-chemist)

12th Oct 14

Prof Warrick Couch, Dr Roger Rassool, Dr Alan Finkel

28th Sep 14

IN MELBOURNE RIGHT NOW: Stephen Hall (writer, actor, raconteur), Tacey Rychter (Broadsheet) Cr Stephen Jolly (Yarra Councillor)

21st Sep 14

SPORTING PINNACLE: Demott Brereton (AFL superstar), Rohan Connolly (footy journo), Stan The Man Longinidis (kickboxing legend)

14th Sep 14

MUFF: Richard Wolstencroft (MUFF Director), Kristen Condon, Matthew Victor Pastor, Glenn Maynard, Glen Cochrane (MUFF people)

7th Sep 14

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT: Robert Stary (criminal lawyer), Brian Walters QC (barrister), Nick McKenzie (AGE investigative reporter)

31st Aug 14

CULTURES OF OZ: Shanaka Fernando (Lentil as Anything), Zoolma Cuadros (Columbia), Alex Dawia (New Guinea healer)

24th Aug 14

RADIOTHON 2: Dr Bob Mason author, PhD in Beatles music

17th Aug 14

RADIOTHON 1: Dr Bob Mason author, PhD in Beatles music

10th Aug 14

MIFF: Shaun Miller (show biz lawyer & gadfly), David Parker (Producer, DoP), Antony Ginnane (Producer), Katherine Thornton

27th Jul 14

DOCTORS IN THE HOUSE: Dr Athol Eaton (Intensive Care), Dr Caligary (Infectious Diseases), Dr Barry Mephisto (Professor of Pain)

20th Jul 14

EXTREMELY HIGH TECH: David "Wiz" Moylan (computer guru), Michael McKinnon (AVG), Peter Moon (Fin Review IT columnist)

13th Jul 14

BASTILLE DAY: Gabriel Gate (chef extrordinaire), Nigel Watson (Jimmy Watson Wines), Leanne Clancey (restaurant reviewer)

6th Jul 14

4TH OF JULY: Donald Betts Jr (Senator from Kansas), Dr Matthew Zbaracki (U.S. lecturer), David Crisler (Las Vegas muso)

29th Jun 14

NEW FINANCIAL YEAR: Stephen Mayne, James Thomson, Michael Heffernan

22nd Jun 14

WORLD CUP: Diego Velasco Von Pilgrimm, Frans Moens, Flavia Zacheo, Roland Vecray

15th Jun 14

DRUGS IN SPORT: A.Prof. John Fitzgerald, Chip Le Grand, Tony Nolan QC

8th Jun 14

GREECE, GARDENING AND KICKBOXING: Stan The Man Longanidis, Vasili Kanidiadis, Tony Moclair

1st Jun 14

SCIENCE AND POLITICS: Dr Roger Rassool, Dr Nick Economou, Gerard McCulloch

25th May 14

TRUTH, LIES & THE LAW: Steven Van Aperen, Colin McLaren, Brendan Wilkinson

18th May 14

ST. KILDA FILM FESTIVAL: Paul Harris, Tony Nikolakolpoulos, Katie Milwright, Matthew Saville

11th May 14


27th Apr 14

LOGIES: TV Eve, Lawrence Mooney, Brian Nankervis, Stuart Menzies

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