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The Party Show

Sunday 12am-2am

29th May 16

TRUTH, LIES & THE LAW: Steven Van Aperen, Carl Donadio, Charlie Nikakis

22nd May 16

HISTORY OF MELB: Andrew Lemon (Prof. Historical Assoc.), Gary Morgan (Morgan Research/historian), Maree Coote (author/historian)

15th May 16

ST. KILDA FILM FESTIVAL: Paul Harris, Natasha Pincus, Paul Goldman, Warwick Field

8th May 16

LOGIES: TV Eve, Stuart Menzies, Tony Moclair

1st May 16

FOOTBALL: Rohan Connolly, Peter Jess, Gavin Crosisca

24th Apr 16


17th Apr 16

ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Penny Arcade, Daniel Clarke, Shaun Miller

10th Apr 16

I FOUGHT THE LAW: Rob Stary (Solicitor to the Stars), Costas Kilias (Barrister to the Naughty), Tammy Mills (Age Crime Reporter)

3rd Apr 16

DOCTORS IN THE HOUSE: Dr Caligary, Prof Dr Athol Eaton, Dr Rhino

27th Mar 16

COMEDY FESTIVAL: Lawrence Mooney, Toby Halligan, Dr Phil Edwards

20th Mar 16


13th Mar 16

INTERNATIONAL FLAVOURS: Shanaka Fernando, Clovis Mwamba (Congo), Cheuk Long Cheng (Hong Kong), Natalia Sanchez (Colombia)

6th Mar 16

ENGLISH AND WRITING: Prof Kate Burridge, Sue Tweg, David Astle

28th Feb 16

LOCAL ISSUES: Cr Samantha Ratnam, Cr Stephen Jolly, Cr Trent McCarthy

21st Feb 16

SCIENCE: Assoc Prof Dr Roger Rassool, Assoc Prof Dr Michael Brown, Assoc Prof Dr Mark Boland

14th Feb 16

TECHNOLOGY: David "Wiz" Moylan, Adam Turner, Michael McKinnon

7th Feb 16

AMERICAN SPORTS & POLITICS: Donald Betts Jr, David Gonzalez, Mark Pankiw-Petty

31st Jan 16

DRUGS IN SPORT: Dr John Fitzgerald, Sam Biondo

20th Dec 15

2015 FILMS IN REVIEW: Cecil B De Hirsh, Consigliere Greg, David Parker

13th Dec 15

2015 AWARDS: TV Eye, Leon the Drug King, Jijo Cisco, Brian Mannix

6th Dec 15

NEWS AND POLITICS YEAR IN REVIEW: Dr Nick Economou, Michael Bachelard, Stephen Hall

29th Nov 15

SCIENCE YEAR IN REVIEW: Assoc Prof Roger Rassool, Sean Crosby, Assoc Prof Michael Brown

22nd Nov 15

LEGAL EAGLES: Anthony Dowsley, Brendan Wilkinson, Tony Nolan QC

15th Nov 15

INTERNATIONAL FLAVOURS: Shanaka Fernando, Vasili Kanidiadis, Karamba Cissoko, Dr Tabawebbula Kivubiro, Ludivine Leborgne

8th Nov 15

SEXPO: Anthony Laffan, Kathy Weiland, Lana Mastop, Marica Hase

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