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Program - Breakfasters

Monday to Friday 6am-9am

This weeks highlights

24th Jul 17

Our weekly politics expert Toby Halligan returns to regale us with politics news, after whizzing around the globe for a bit; Donno talks sport, and Open House Melbourne Program Manager Victoria Bennett shares details about what's open for public view during Open House weekend.

25th Jul 17

Kashif Bouns from Western Bulldogs Community Foundation talks about the new exhibition at the Immigration Museum "Game Changers: Diversity In Football"; Vanessa Toholka talks about how technology advances mean telepathy might be possible within just a few years; and Chris Womersley reviews the new book from Delphine de Vigan, which blurs the lines between memoir and fiction.

26th Jul 17

Former Breakfasters segment presenter Dave Lawson returns to the Triple R studios, talking about his role in series three of ABC TV's Utopia; and Dr. Jen tells us what science has to say about whether you should or shouldn't eat food that's been on the ground for longer than five seconds. Ewww!

28th Jul 17

Lawrie Zion's new book is called The Weather Obsession and he talks about why we can't get enough weather; also, Friday Funnybugger and Breakfasters Live goes completely off!

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