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Playlist - 91


14th Jul 04

THE LANGLEY SCHOOLS MUSIC PROJECT "help me, rhonda" [bar/none]
THE MAGNETIC FIELDS "i don't believe you" [nonesuch]
THE GOTHIC ARCHIES "city of the damned" [merge]
THE ALUMINUM GROUP "sad gay life" [minty fresh]
MY FAVORITE "homeless club kids" [double agent]
CLIENT "civilian" [mute]
PIANO MAGIC "dark ages" [green ufos]
DEVENDRA BANHART "rejoicing in the hands" [xl]
DEVENDRA BANHART "michigan state" [young god]
JOANNA NEWSOM "the fray" [-]
BORN HELLER "the left garden" [locust]
JANA HUNTER "the angler" [-]
NINA NASTASIA "all your life" [touch & go]
TARA JANE ONEIL "howl" [quarterstick]
NEDELLE "my tendency" [kimchee]
MIRAH "the light" [k]
MIA DOI TODD "digital" [sony]
APRIL MARCH "que le soleil soit maudit" [tricatel]
BERTRAND BURGALAT "attention amiante" [tricatel]
LOUIS PHILIPPE "ainsi va sa vie" [le grand magistery]
VIGIL "chascofiesta (boat party)" [siesta]
KINGS OF CONVENIENCE "misread" [source]
BELLE & SEBASTIAN "your cover's blown" [spunk]
TENNISCOATS "in my blood river" [majikick]
NAGISA NI TE "the same as a flower" [jagjaguwar]
ART OF FIGHTING "along the run" [trifekta]
DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE "transatlanticism" [barsuk]
BRIGHT EYES "spring cleaning" [crank!]

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