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Playlist - 11447

The Lonely Doll - Music and Interviews

25th Jul 11


Cass McCombs, The Lonely Doll

Warpaint, Ashes to Ashes

Jack Ladder, Cold Feet

Devendra Banhart, The Charles C Leary

The Tiger and Me, Said the Raven

Adalita, The Repairer

Harmony, Cacophonous Vibes

The Triffids, Born Sandy Devotional

EMA, California

Mercury Rev, Something for Joey

DJ Shadow, Six Days

Jonti. Firework Spraying Moon

Jessica Lea Mayfield, I'll Be the One that you Want Someday

Jordie Lane, Diamond Ring

Ripe, The Ballad of Lachlan and Sarah

Abbe May, Mammalian Locomotion

Elephant Eyes, I Want to Know

Hooray for the Riff Raff, Daniella

Thao and Mirrah, Halleluah

Majorchord, Phychic Civil War

Fleet Foxes, Montezuma

Hooray for the Riff Raff, Daniella

Clinkerfield, Rain on the Vein

Damon Smith and the Quality Lightweights, Transfixed and Dumb

Damon Smith, Oh God LIVE IN STUDIO

Big Scary, Mixtape

Bachelorette, The Last Boat is Leaving

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