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Playlist - 11302


29th Jun 11

Today we spoke to Jillian Pattinson about her poetry and exhibition as part of The Mildura Writers Festival; Melanie Jooston about her book, Berlin Syndrome; Helen Lucas about her play Sarejevo Suite; Anthony ‘LT’ Menginie about his book, PRODIGAL FATHER, PAGAN SON and Alan Wearne about two books being launched 6am in the Universe by Benjamin Frater and Perrier Fever by Pete Spence. Jess Alice talked about poets in film.

Weekends - Viggo Mortenson

The Still Point - Jillian Pattinson

Sun Deity - Jeltje

Television - Todd Abbott

I'm a Man - Fortner Anderson

Letter to a Sister Friend - Ursula Rucker with Vicki Miles

Birds - Jeltje & friends

Crime Pays -Noam Chomsly

Pope Draught - Jason Brennan

The Glazier  - Steve Kilbey

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