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Playlist - 11295

Made to Measure - music and interviews

4th Jul 11


Cam Walker, FoE

State of Design festival, Tamsin O'Neill Treadlie Magazine on Made to Measure - 21 - 24 July at Exhibition Buildings / Simon Curlis, RMIT University on THe Stationary Car 26 July 6.15pm Do Design Space.

NAIDOC - Bindi Cole

DAY JOB Vulgargrad, Jacek Koman, Renato VaCirca, Nara Demasson, Ros Jones.


Jordie Lane, Diamond Ring

Gil Scott Heron, I’ll Take Care of You

Tricky, Come to Me

Terrible Truths, Don Juan

Majorchord, Two Lovers

Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Strangers are Strange

Jim White, Kitty Litter

Tiny Ruins, You got the kind of nerve I like

Lisa Miller, It Ain’t Me Babe

Shbazz Palaces, Free Press and Curl

Dirt Farmers, Johnny Marble

Vaccines, Wetsuit

Panel of Judges, Dainty Vagabond

Black Angels, Bad Vibrations

Whyte Fang, Thy New Sound

Thurston Moore, Circulation

Iggy Pop, I Wanna Be Your Dog

Frank Yamma, Kunka Kutcha

Brian Eno and the Words of Rick Holland, Pour it Out

EMA, Grey Ship

Puta Madre Brothers, Grandes Pelotas Del Fuego

Graveyard Train, Dead Folk Dance

Reverend Beatman, Eine Kleine Russin

CW Stoneking, The Love Me or Die

Vulgargrad, Oy Oy Oy

Jordie Lane, I Sinned Today


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