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Playlist - 11245

Hertz so Good x 2 - music and interviews

27th Jun 11

Looby Vs Rogers Community Cup 2011

Grapevine bookclub regular and Megahertz Mic Looby vs RockDog Tim Rogers - community cup 2011.
Photo - Georgia Webster


Occasional Childcare Funding cuts - Angela Savage, Executive Officer, Association of Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres. Rally 20 June 1pm Parliament House, Spring Street. Petitions to sign here.

Adam Grubb - Very Edible Gardens / Permablitz network. Hit their website for details for how you can involved

Blak Side Story - Catch it at Footscray Community Arts opening Thursday 30 June - runs until 28 August. Thanks to Paola Balla and Uncle Larry Walsh for joining us to talk about this and other Naidoc events.

DAY JOB Sam Agostino - Digger and the Pussycats and now a solo project Brat Farrar


Lia Ices, Love is Won

Tiny Ruins, Old as the Hills

Henry Wagons and Claire Bowdith, Farmer’s Song

Gillian Welch Scarlet Town

Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Ffunny Ffriends

Jim White, Keep it Meaningful You All

The Feelies, Nobody Knows

Magic Silver White, I Knew that I Loved You

Sparkle Motion, The Holdup

Timothy and Wilderness, Agrarian

Juliana Barwick, Vow

Ponytail, Honey Touches

Suede, Filmstar

Black Cab, Combat Boots

Dark Bells, Wildflower

Harmony, Cacophonous Vibes

Strange Birds in Paradise, Land of the Morning Star

Reverend Beat Man , Clown of the Town

El Combo de Pepe Yo Traigo Boogaloo

Delaney Davidson, I Slept Late

Jack Ladder, Beautiful Sound

The Black Angels, Phosphene Dream

Super Wild Horses, Lock and Key

Digger and the Pussycats, All My Friends are Having Babies

Brat Farrar, It’s on Me

Majorchord, Street Car

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