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Playlist - 10908

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24th Apr 11


  • Temptation of Egg - Giant Sand (Chore of Enchantment, 2000)
  • The Fighting Temeraire - The Autumn Sails (The Autumn Sails, 2011
  • Titanic - Michelle Shocked (Captain Swing re-release, 2004)


Save Bastion Point Campaign

  • The Age article - http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/pressure-ramps-up-to-dump-labors-breakwater-project-20110417-1djtb.html
  • Campaign information: www.savebastionpoint.org

Sea Sick - An Ocean in Crisis - by Alanna Mitchell (reviewed by Kerrie Window)

  • http://www.amazon.ca/Sea-Sick-Global-Ocean-Crisis/dp/0771061161
  • Still available in bookstores including Dymocks.

Australian Conservation Foundation - sustainable seafood list

  • www.acfonline.org.au/seafood

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