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Music - Album of the week

Black Cab Games Of The XXI Olympiad Interstate 40 Music Remote Control

17th Nov 14

Black Cab - Games Of the XXI Olympiad

Interstate 40 Music/Remote Control

The anticipated new album from Melbourne's Black Cab is another inspired collection of songs, this time themed broadly around the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal. Evoking the tension, exhilaration and sonic spectrum of the time, Black Cab once again prove masters of mood and narrative. Early electronic, analogue dance music, synths, and spoken word samples are all employed to craft a unified record that extends on their earlier post-punk and psychedelic styles. Crafted over several years, the LP also features contributions from Lowtide's Lucy Buckeridge, Mon Brumby, Shags Chamberlain, and former Black Cab members Steve Law, Anthony Paine, Rich Andrew and Alex Jarvis. Needless to say, it's a Gold Medal performance all around.

Past Albums of the Week


Andras And Oscar Cafe Romantica Chapter Music Dopeness Galore

10th Nov 14

Andras And Oscar - Cafe Romantica

Chapter Music / Dopeness Galore

Café Romantica is the brilliant second record from friends and collaborators Andras and Oscar. Otherwise known as Andras Fox and Oscar Key Sung, the two Melbourne artists have spent years refining their craft, and earning a reputation for their hip hop, boogie, R&B and dance music. Their forces combine on this album to produce another collection of instant classics. The title is a nod to the after-hours eatery where the two would rest and relax following work in the studio, a place to meet friends and make memories. The music draws from early analogue house recordings, and evokes the gently melancholic, romantic haze of the early hours of the morning. There’s traces of modern soul, 80s funk, and a distinctive local vocabulary of sounds unique to Andras and Oscar.

Lucinda Williams Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone Highway 20 Records

3rd Nov 14

Lucinda Williams - Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone

Highway 20 Records

An extraordinary double-album from an artist whose work has been instrumental in defining and shaping alt-country and Americana music. The expansive collection presents Lucinda Williams' lyricism at its most incisive and illuminating, encompassing her personal experiences and the whole human condition. Musically the country blues, soul and rock arrangements are rich and generous in detail, with each musician performing at their best.

The Harppons Falling For You Two Bright Lakes Remote Control

27th Oct 14

The Harpoons - Falling For You

Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control

Melbourne four-piece The Harpoons display great versatility as songwriters, referencing and experimenting with both traditional and contemporary soul styles. Whether it’s the extraordinary vocals, the playful pop melodies, the heartbreaking ballads, the modern beats or classic R&B rhythms, The Harpoons’ debut album "Falling For You" will have you falling for them.

C.W. Stoneking Gon' Boogaloo Caroline King Hokum

20th Oct 14

C.W. Stoneking - Gon' Boogaloo

King Hokum/Caroline

C.W. Stoneking is an impressive artist with a distinctive approach to his craft. "Gon' Boogaloo" is his third record, and a timeless classic, combining blues, boogie, R&B, gospel, rock, calpyso and dancehall styles. Rich in invention, the record evokes the past but points to the everlasting vitality of the blues tradition.

Caribou Our Love City Slang Inertia

13th Oct 14

Caribou - Our Love

City Slang/Inertia

'Our Love' represents a new chapter in Dan Snaith's evolution as a musician and producer. Direct, focused, immediate, and intricate, these new songs draw inspiration from classic dance styles, alongside modern electronic pop and disco. A companion to his previous album Swim, and a dedication to friends and fans, it's an outward-looking set that finds Caribou exploring Balearic, psychedelic, plaintive and euphoric musical moods.

Augie March Havens Dumb Dark Satantic Caroline

6th Oct 14

Augie March - Havens Dumb

Dark Satanic/Caroline

"Havens Dumb" is the welcome return of acclaimed Victorian band Augie March, their first album since "Watch Me Disappear" in 2008. The melodic and lyrical skills of the band have only been sharpened in the intervening years. There's a sense of adventure, and a heightened level of ambition on this captivating collection of new songs. Lead singer Glenn Richards draws on themes of “time passing, loss, dislocation, distance, new hope and healthy anger” as the entire band play layered compositions of atmospheric pop, and understated, elegaic rock.

Leonard Cohen Popular Problems Sony

29th Sep 14

Leonard Cohen - Popular Problems


This is the second album in the past two years from the legendary singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen. An iconic figure, Mr Cohen has established a unique place in popular music, managing to capture the contradictions, pains and triumphs of the spirit in inimitable poetic style. Over an illustrious career Leonard's approach has remained difficult to categorise, presenting his own versions of soul, gospel, blues, rock and folk, lounge, and caberet. Popular Problems is another revelatory journey, filled with restrained hymns, personal reflections, and melodic ruminations.

Laura Jean Laura Jean Chapter Music

22nd Sep 14

Laura Jean - Laura Jean

Chapter Music

Laura Jean's self-titled fourth album offers a collection of deeply reflective and finely crafted modern folk songs. With an extraordinary gift for storytelling, Laura conveys both her inner thoughts and the world around her with a profound eloquence. The arrangements are sparse, sometimes hauntingly minimal, but rich in detail and rewarding of careful, and repeated listening.

Goat Commune Sub Pop Rocket Distribution

15th Sep 14

Goat - Commune

Rocket/Rocket Distribution

The debut album from Goat, 'World Music', was one of the great discoveries of 2012. The project of a Swedish collective, Goat drew upon a wealth of influences and succeeded in sounding like nothing else. The mystery continues with their second album, and their unparalleled power remains. 'Commune' extends the group's sonic range, exploring regional rock, funk, psychedelic, spiritual and ritualistic styles. The result is a new collection of entrancing and compelling tracks, visceral, urgent and essential.

Zammuto Anchor Spirit Level Temporary Residence

8th Sep 14

Zammuto - Anchor

Spirit Level/Temporary Residence

Nick Zammuto is well known for his work as one half of The Books, a pioneering duo with a catalogue of painstakingly detailed compositions, surprising samples and song structures. This is Nick's second record released as Zammuto, and is every bit as playful in its approach as any of his earlier work. Perhaps the arrangements are slightly more pop oriented, but the album still draws from a wide array of inspiration, including experimental rock, jazz, and electronic traditions.

Rob Snarski Wounded Bird Teardrop

1st Sep 14

Rob Snarski - Wounded Bird


Rob Snarski is a highly skilled singer, songwriter and musician. For twenty five years he's shared those gifts as a member of Melbourne's beloved band The Blackeyed Susans. After such a celebrated careeer, it's was something of a surprise then to discover this record is his solo debut. It's also a revelation to hear these poignant, sparsely orchestrated songs, weaving together folk, rock, blues and ballads. Collaborating with friend and bandmate Dan Luscombe, and working with an impressive range of guest musicians, 'Wounded Bird' is deeply articulate and affecting.

Ty Segall Manipulator Drag City Spunk

25th Aug 14

Ty Segall - Manipulator

Drag City/Spunk

It's difficult to discuss California's underground garage rock hero Ty Segall's music without reference to his prolific rate of output. This may be the seventh studio album in six years released under his own name, but he's recorded and produced over 17 more in other guises. And even that doesn't count the numerous singles and EPs he's worked on with other bands. So it's notable that Ty spent the better part of a year on this record, taking his time to produce what may be his strongest album to date. The song structures are playful but focused, and the instrumental arrangements more diverse. As ever though, Ty's signature frenzied guitar melodies and fuzzed out psych rock textures remain a powerful sonic force on this record.

Triple Rs radiothon

18th Aug 14

No Album Of The Week - During Radiothon

August 15 - August 24

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Geoffrey O'Connor Fan Fiction Chapter Music

11th Aug 14

Geoffrey O'Connor - Fan Fiction

Chapter Music

'Fan Fiction' is the latest solo album from Melbourne's Geoffrey O'Connor, an artist well known for earlier work in Crayon Fields and as Sly Hats. Previous album 'Vanity Is Forever' introduced Geoffrey O'Connor as a reclusive synth-pop sophisticate descended from the eighties, and Fan Fiction picks up the story three years later. Bolder, brighter, and more expansive (and expensive), it's another intriguing collection, combining late night rock, synth-wave and even dance music styles.

Spoon They Want My Soul Spunk

4th Aug 14

Spoon - They Want My Soul


Having now produced eight albums over a career spanning more than two decades, 'They Want My Soul' is the welcome return of Texan group Spoon. It's a welcome return to the combination of pop punk, rock and synth styles that they write and perform so well. The album is also notable as the first time Spoon have worked with other producers. On 'They Want My Soul' Joe Chiccarelli and Dave Fridmann offer their skills to proceedings, as they have in the past for acts including The Strokes and The Flaming Lips.

White Fence For The Recently Found Innocent Spunk Drag City

28th Jul 14

White Fence - For The Recently Found Innocent

Spunk / Drag City

LA artist Tim Presley has maintained an impressive work rate since his first release in 2010. He's collaborated and performed with a range of artists, including legendary English band The Fall and fellow LA musician Ty Segall, and along the way become a champion of lo-fi garage and psych rock writing. For this latest release, Tim returns to his celebrated collaboration with Ty Segall. The production quality is notably clearer than on Tim's traditional 4-track bedroom recordings, but the idiosyncratic charm of Presley's writing is stronger than ever. His vintage '60s pop, west-coast psych, and acid-garage evoke classic artists like The Byrds, The Kinks, and Buffalo Springfield amongst others, but retain a distinct individuality.

Shabazz Palaces Lese Majesty Sub Pop Inertia

21st Jul 14

Shabazz Palaces - Lese Majesty

Sub Pop/Inertia

Palaceer Lazaro (aka Ishmael Butler of '90s hip-hop crew Digable Planets) and multi-instrumentalist Tendai 'Baba' Marai are a formidable musical force. Working together as Shabazz Palaces they push themselves to be daring and inventive, and invite listeners to follow. Their debut album Black Up was bold, painting with a broad palette of abstracted electronic beats, instruments and obscured soul samples. The space and echo of their earlier work is amplified in Lese Majesty, taking the record into deeper orbits of astral jazz and hip hop. There's a great power and intrigue in the lyrics also. On the track Ishmael, Palaceer states "All of our stories told in codes". Some songs here are clear and direct, others have a meaning to be understood slowly through careful contemplation.

Luluc Passerby Mistletone Sub Pop

14th Jul 14

Luluc - Passerby

Mistletone/Sub Pop

The awaited second album from Luluc is rich, spare, subtle and striking. It's a glorious artistic achievement from a band with a highly considered songwriting approach. It's about six years since Zoë Randell and Steve Hassett released their debut 'Dear Hamlyn', and the intervening years have seen the two refine their craft even further. Basing themselves in Brooklyn, they've worked with Aaron Dessner who helped produce the new album. Luluc's gently orchestrated folk arrangements carry great emotional weight, and their lyrics linger with a rare poignancy.

Jungle Jungle XL Recordings Remote Control

7th Jul 14

Jungle - Jungle

XL Recordings/Remote Control

The project of London friends and musicians Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland (aka ‘J’ and ‘T’), Jungle offer one of the more distinctive and compelling debut albums of the year with their new self-titled LP. Fusing boogie, soul, funk and pop into new and adventurous forms, it's an exciting, inventive listen throughout.

Total Control Typical System Iron Lung Records Inertia

30th Jun 14

Total Control - Typical System

Iron Lung/Inertia

The musical force of Melbourne's Total Control return with their second album, Typical System. Bringing a formidable wealth of experience and expertise, the band have again crafted a collection of songs that span, and extend upon, the traditions of punk, post-punk, new wave, and 80s underground pop and electronic styles. Total Control provide an engaging and elusive set - subtle and explosive - that shows the band as comfortable in creating order as embracing chaos.

White Hex Gold Nights It Records Felte

23rd Jun 14

White Hex - Gold Nights

It Records/Felte

The evolution of White Hex has been a fascinating one. Rising from the primordial rock swamp of earlier band Slug Guts, Tara Green and Jimi Kritzler offered a distinctly dark and textured post punk sound on their White Hex debut 'Heat'. 'Gold Nights', in contrast, finds a new expression for the duo in the sonic palette of early electronic music and new wave. The result is an intriguing and impressive mix of vibrant synth pop anthems, and industrial disco dirges.

Sharon Van Etten Are We There Jagjaguwar Inertia

16th Jun 14

Sharon Van Etten - Are We There


Are We There is the fourth album from Brooklyn-based artist Sharon Van Etten, and the first to be self-produced. Building on an already accomplished career in incisive and insightful songwriting, the scale and scope of Sharon Van Etten's latest work is vast and impressive. Post rock guitars, keyboards, an omnichord, and electronic and percussive elements form the compelling musical backdrop to Sharon's powerful lyrical delivery. Both intimate and universal in nature, these songs capture Van Etten in complete control of her extraordinary craft.

First Aid Kit Stay Gold Columbia Records Sony

9th Jun 14

First Aid Kit - Stay Gold

Columbia Records/Sony

'Stay Gold' is the third album from sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg, and another superb demonstration of their singular skill in modern folk songcraft. Their melodies are memorable, their lyrics highly affecting, and harmonies as striking, and seemingly effortless as ever. The instrumental arrangements are grand in scale, drawing on the Americana of earlier work, as well as cinematic and orchestral pop influences.

The Bombay Royale The Island Of Dr. Electrico HopeStreet Recordings Rocket Distribution

2nd Jun 14

The Bombay Royale - The Island Of Dr. Electrico

HopeStreet Recordings/Rocket Distribution

Surf-rock, disco, psychedelic, and cinematic funk are all featured styles of The Bombay Royale. Inspired by the highly inspiring soundtracks of Bollywood, the group deliver both a reverential, and revolutionary, album of original recordings. The compelling songs build on the tremendous success and singular vision of their debut, ‘You Me Bullets Love’.

Swans To Be Kind Young God Create Control

26th May 14

Swans - To Be Kind

Young God/Create Control

The thirteenth album by celebrated New York group Swans is every bit as vital and visceral as any from their extensive catalogue. Led by multi-instrumentalist Michael Gira, the experimental rock band are known for commanding, challenging, and rewarding works, and 'To Be Kind' showcases their unique talent for blending expansive rock instrumention, distorted blues influences, and intense industrial textures.

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